Lee Mazin Is “Her,” Hitting New Heights In Leaps And Bounds!


There’s a lot of weight on the ladies these days to show and prove. With the mega success of Nicki Minaj, the days of being able to get over by looking pretty and walking well in heels are over. ESPECIALLY when you come from a city like Philly which is known for many things, but being cute isn’t one of them. Which is why new-comer Lee Mazin prefers to stay on point like a decimal. Taking music cues from the legends like MC Lyte and business cues from anyone worth a damn, Lee is making plans for the long haul. The Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop star took a break from promoting her new album Vibes to sit with AHH’s Mr. Mecc about everything from The Hip-Hop Honors snafus to the need for lyrical MC’s to be seen. Check the technique.

Check out “I’m Her” (Official Video)

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