Audra The Rapper Talks About Relationships, And Female Rappers

Believe it or not, rappers who happen to be women are sick of being referred to as “female MC’s.”

They actually don’t like being given separate slots away from the guys just because the basic plumbing is different.

The stigmas and misconceptions are old, dated and quite honestly, they’re tired of answering the questions about it.

Just ask Audra The Rapper.

Since her intro on to the scene, the Virginia native has been too busy keeping her music on point to entertain the nonsense that comes with being a female rapper.

With the new season of “Sisterhood Of Hip Hop” racking up the ratings, it is a perception she’s looking to break free from.

Audra sat with AHH’s @MrMecc to talk relationships, regrets and good old-fashioned music.

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