Drake Has Been Accused Of Using Ghostwriters Again

Uh oh, it looks likes Drake is being accused of using ghostwriters again. As you know Meek Mill waged a war against Drake last summer when he accused him of using a number of ghostwriters to write his raps.

It looks like Meek Mill’s fans have been stalking Drake’s Instagram, and are now claiming that Drake exposed himself by posting his own reference tracks on Instagram almost a year before Meek Mill’s claims.

Drake posted a screenshot of his iTunes library to show support of fellow rapper Future’s mixtape, ‘Monster’. Above the ‘Monster’ tape appears to be reference tracks from Boi-1da, Noel (Drake’s engineer), and Quentin Miller.

The “self-incriminating” post can still be found on Drake’s Instagram page, and it’s looking like the 6 God didn’t completely write “6 PM In NY.”

Do you care if Drake writes his rhymes or not? Several rappers have used ghostwriters over the years, so has all of this been unnecessary drama?

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