Fat Joe Believes No One Cares About Big Pun’s Legacy

Fat Joe is letting it be known that the accusations about him taking Big Pun’s money and leaving his family broke are completely untrue.

Joe says Pun made millions and millions of dollars, and he didn’t realize that Pun had mishandled all of his money by the time he passed away.

He went on to say he helped raise $1 million for Pun’s family, and his widow ran through it because she was used to spending money like that. He says she came back and he cut her another check but told her after this there would be no more.

Fat Joe says he isn’t Jay Z or Puff so he can’t just take care of people’s families for life. He says people need to get a job.

Joe also says no one cares about Big Pun but him and Remy Ma. According to Fat Joe, they are the only ones trying to continue Big Pun’s legacy, and he believes that someone needs to drill it into Big Pun’s widow’s head.

Joe also touched on losing a lot of money promoting independent records as he recalls having to really put up some bags to get his records out. Consequently, he even failed big with promoting some records independently.

Do you feel like Fat Joe is the only one keeping Pun’s legacy alive?

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79 Responses to “Fat Joe Believes No One Cares About Big Pun’s Legacy”

  1. The Legendary Troll

    Joe right. that b*tch need to stop thinking the world owes her anything. Use Puns image and start a business with it

    • kirschbaum98

      The case has been settled over 2 months ago this has to be old. And if he didn’t take any $ why was the case settled instead of thrown out? Joe has to be lying about something cause he settled. And since he settled you’ll never know the truth unless u was at court or have a Pacer account where you can read the case. You guys gotta get educated and understand interior instead of exterior.

      • Nervz

        settlement info is never public. so PACER will not be able to help you in this matter.

      • pancho villa

        sometimes is cheaper to settle of court than dragging it. plus why not give her a last check and do it thru the courts so she can’t say he didn’t give her nothing

      • Nervz

        As a person in the field of law (I am sure you are not) it is cheaper at times to settle a matter then to spend double or triple of the settlement money on attorneys fees. Also, with a jury trial you never know how they will see things. Think about all the cops that have walked after killing innocent people.

      • kirschbaum98

        Ok genius so what’s the mandatory minimum to keep a case in Federal Court? That answer alone will tell you there was $ involved. That doesn’t fit Joe’s narrative from previous yrs, damn right I’m a lawyer!!

  2. Thugin' It N Lovin'It ━╤デ╦︻

    “Joe also touched on losing a lot of money promoting independent records as he recalls having to really put up some bags to get his records out. Consequently, he even failed big with promoting some records independently.”

    You basically said the same thing twice.

    “She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes. However, when she starts coming around the mountain, she will come.

  3. Brindle

    He right, no one cares about Puns legacy… its fun to mention him in the top 10 but other than that, he’s no Pac, Big, Big L, etc…

      • ursocalledgod

        Better than pac and Big? If that was the case fat joe wouldn’t be talking about no one cares about puns legacy. How many time you heard puns name come up when they talk about the GOAT? Exactly…

      • AL Dunbar

        Do you all really understand hip hop or just what is played on the radio? Let me put it this way Kool moe dee had a line “running around holding your head asking your homeboy yo man you heard what he said” ,name one Ill line that made you go damn pac is lyrical let me rewind that back.

      • El_Gringo

        everybody to busy sucking Pac & Big……much like yourself…………..

      • AL Dunbar

        No one thinks that if you listen to lyrics big was leaps and bounds ahead of everyone and Kool g rap in a hypothetical battle would destroy pun. And I like pun.

      • ursocalledgod

        I tried to give my man a listen several times and just couldn’t give dude over a C grade. Dude gets no recognition in the D.

      • AL Dunbar

        Who cares Detroit has one incredible producer and one white guy who needed dre help to become a “legend”

      • ursocalledgod

        What does that have to do with me saying I think pun was overrated?

  4. Vinsanity

    He’s right, Pun was a ill MC, one of the best but nobody gives him or his legacy that love accept some Puerto Ricans kats from back in da day.

      • Vinsanity

        Haha thanks grammar nerd….you do realize that this is a Hiphop website right?…..Hiphop…..do you know what it stands for? I ll give you a hint, it ant grammar.

      • AL Dunbar

        Don’t do that to yourself it’s two different words regardless. You would be the type to spell “looser” like that.

  5. A.P. Millz-CT

    GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!! Why won’t he put Pun’s son on???? Fat Joe is a POS! Very disappointed how he cashed out on Pun and didn’t give his family a damn thang! Pun’s son is nice! How about support him! F*** Joe

    • Afi Keita James

      That will never happen, nobody can replace pun, not even his son, so I don’t blame joe for refusing to do anymore of pun’s material, let that man rest in peace.

  6. JerZeBoy

    cause kids these days don’t respect lyrics – Pun my top 3 ever I just wish he got to put out more then 3 albums

  7. ursocalledgod

    I don’t understand the props people give to big pun. dude was aiiight but to me he always sounded like he was out of breath, had something in his mouth, and always tried to fit too many words in his bars. not even top ten IMO.

  8. 7yoyo7

    Pun’s son is keeping his legacy alive yo! Major label or not…
    Btw, I’m from the Bronx and everybody knows that Pun’s widow was spending money like it would never end.

    Big Moon Dawg is in my Top 5 and I felt offended by the article’s title until I saw Remy Ma’s tatas come up…

  9. Markus

    Pun was going to be bigger than Joe as far as their careers go. Remy is the female MC so she has value. But Terror Squad was more than 3 people and to those who were left behind,to say they need to get a job when at the time their job was representing Joe is a bit unappreciative. I think blame for not repping Pun right falls on all parties.

  10. Hakeem

    He was ok, he didnt have enough of a run….
    If him and B.I.G. would have linked up, like the rumors went back then.. Then he might have blew…..

    • esco

      he had 2 albums just as BIG did, capital punishment is just as solid as ready to die, just cuz he didnt have puff and wasnt as mainsteam, doesnt mean in didnt have as much respect in the hip hop community

      • Hakeem

        maybe you are right but it was so much talent back then that maybe he just got overlooked….

      • AL Dunbar

        Pun had one good album and one huge hit that second album was garbage.

      • Afi Keita James

        capital punishment is one of my favorite hip-hop albums ever.

  11. STEPH

    mf’ers gotta get a job…..Giving a mill, then writing another check….whoa! Damn I just need a hour with remy damn!


    There are who lot of Hip Hop fan’s that don’t realize just how DOPE BIG PUN was!!!! PS I think it’s TOTALLY HILARIOUS that dude’s are commenting on that sexy Remy Ma picture like its brand new when it’s been on multiple hip hop sites including this one & is a few months old!!!!

      • Realest760

        You dum a$$ some people don’t even say his name F3ck you talking about

      • AL Dunbar

        Exactly so you not making sense with your argument like most clowns. Pun is nowhere near top 5 ever in the history of hip hop.

      • Realest760

        You know what go play in traffic if you think he isn’t top 5 you should be drug tested point blank

      • Knickfan4life

        So let me get this correct , you are saying pun is better than kane,g.rap,rakim,krs one,caz,Melle mel, ll cool j, biggie ,big l, masta ace, Kool keith,moe dee. All who are in the conversation as some of the greatest lyricist ever ?😩I love pun but he is not better than those people I named no one even thinks that.

      • Realest760

        Pun top 5 I don’t care what people tell me I have one question if pun didn’t pass away so young in my eyes what level do you think he would be on rigth now ?REALLY THINK LONG A HARD BEFORE YOU ANSWER….

      • Realest760

        Yea don’t answer the question Because you already know the answer smh champ you sad

      • Knickfan4life

        No one would still think that if you die early you still put in enough work to see what your brain was working with. lyrically pun is top 20 but you would get laughed at or do not know hip hop.if you put him ahead of kane,g rap, Melle mel,rakhim, krs one no one thinks that who listens to hip hop but you.

      • Realest760

        My ni99a FOH with that BS I am not white you just stupid you didn’t even answer my question because you don’t wanna give him credit even blk rappers know was up when it came to pun dude would body any rapper even stepped to jayz PUN was that dude…

      • Knickfan4life

        If you say so that is your opinion I think you don’t know what your talking about and so do many other people.

      • Knickfan4life

        Where does Canibus go ? You can’t be black saying some silly ish like this. because we know better.

  13. Realest760

    BIG PUN was that ni99a in the booth and in the streets not many rappers can say that I would bet he would smash Any Rapper on a track….Facts do ur research

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