Kanye and Kim Want To Live In A $30 Million Mansion For Free

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian know their worth, and so the power couple is flexing their muscles in an attempt to get to stay in a $30 MILLION apartment they’re looking at in Manhattan.

The couple are reportedly hunting for a new pad in New York, and they want Airbnb to pay for the crib for a few monhs, while they live in it and see if it’s the right home for them. The couple apparently got the idea from Kylie, who got a mansion worth $50 million in Turks & Ciacos for FREE when she turned 19.

Airbnb got a lot of publicity after Kylie partied it up, so Kanye and Kim want the same deal. Live in a $30 million apartment for free for a few months, and Kim will blast it to her social media. She has 80 million followers on Instagram, 47 million on Twitter and 29 million on Facebook.

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