Pregnant Blac Chyna Loves Cheesesteaks; Rob Racks Up $13k Food Bill In ONE MONTH

We all know women get some pretty crazy cravings when they are pregnant.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are expecting their first child together and are engaged to be married at some point.

Well last night, during a Facebook Live chat, Rob Kardashian revealed Blac Chyna had a serious craving for Philly cheesesteaks during her pregnancy.

In one month, Blac Chyna ordered up $13,000 worth of food for his baby mama.

In Philly, where Jim’s sells the world’s best Philly cheesesteaks, even one with the works would set you back about $10 bucks.

So that means Blac Chyna could have eaten about 1,300 cheesesteaks, assuming Rob’s financials are correct and that’s all she ordered.

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