Is Drake Gonna Make Rihanna’s Dream Come True In L.A.?

The word is starting to get out that Drake may be bringing some very special guests with him to his shows in Los Angeles at The Staples Center.

The three days Drake will be in L.A. will be epic. Drake has a mansion out there that has hosted parties with all kinds of celebrities and athletes.

We can assume Drizzy has plenty of L.A. legends he’s going to bring out since he’s performing on September 7, 8 and 10.

But the biggest surprise act of Drake’s run in Los Angeles will hail from Detroit.

Eminem is supposedly going to make an appearance again, but only this time WITH Rihanna on one stage.

Rihanna is currently burning up the world on her ANTI tour, but she wants to get back to be on one stage with Em and Drakenat one time.

Drake, Em and RiRi have made millions together thanks to hits like “Work” and “Love The Way You Lie.”

RiRi supposedly helped keep things cool between Drake and Em, which helped them smooth things over for the August 16 performance, even though it looked like they might have been heading for a some beef.

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