Lil Yachty Does Not Know Five Songs By Tupac Or Biggie?

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This situation is like “Who cares?,” but lets talk about this. Lil Yatchy apparently does not know 5 song from two of the best rappers ever – Biggie and Tupac. First of all, lets do the math. This is the 20th year anniversary of Tupac’s DEATH – and clearly longer with his musical legacy. Lil Yachty is 19 years old.  In a new interview with Billboard, he speaks on his views on it

“If I’m doing this my way and making all this money, why should I do it how everybody says it’s supposed to be done?”

“It’s just fun, it’s not serious. I hate serious rap. It’s boring. Serious rap music puts me to sleep.”

“I just can’t wait until the point when everyone understands hip-hop isn’t the same anymore, just don’t like me because I’m not lyrical enough… If you ever read comments and click on their profile, they’re like super old.”

Man, I think people need to know their history. I don’t believe they need to be beholden to it. So, my thoughts are that Lil Yachty should do whatever he wants to do, because he’s gotta live with that.

Anyway, here is “Mase In 97” for dat ol’ a**. Pause for the cause.

But not not knowing certain classics…

Here’s a lob, lil brother. Both Pac and Biggie’s Greatest Hits (a lot of them at least).

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28 Responses to “Lil Yachty Does Not Know Five Songs By Tupac Or Biggie?”

  1. Ipullcards

    Exactly why he won’t be here next year. This rappers are right! Things have changed. Staying power doesn’t apply to rappers like him.. He can go plat one week, and disappear like the ying yang twins. When u half a$$ the culture, it will come back to haunt you..

  2. ladynamor

    This dude cant even keep up with the beat. His timing is as if he is deaf. Sounds like he read it while recording a one take in his bathroom. Famous because people support people who DONT offend them with too much talent or knowledge. The “L” Era.

  3. Savimbi

    I was listening to some stack bundles last night, almost cried because we lost young legends as him and now we are stuck w/ lil yatchy and Uzi verts….

  4. lilian-gray

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  5. ursocalledgod

    this fruity azz lil dude and gay azz uzi and one hundred percent of these ” trap rap” byotches will be gone by this time next year. who cares what this trash thinks about the history of the culture or its icons.

  6. Riko7467

    This n1gga looks like a black bozo the clown with that red hair!! I never heard nothing from this weirdo and never will I listen for this clown

  7. HipHop1977

    BIggie is the mosted quoted rapper in hip hop. Meaning most rappers today have Ghost writers who are fans. I’ve heard rappers like Lil wayne and drake constantly use Biggie lines.


    Proud to say I don’t & will NOT know ONE Lil Botchy aka Yachty turd, I mean ‘tune’…. Chief F*ck Up, weak meek, Officer Ricky, French Fry, Gucci Ol’Man, … these mush mouthed, no bars LAMES have killed Hip Hop & made it into a CLOWN SHOW for nursery school kids!

  9. Markus

    This is like the hip-hop version of black on black crime. Young rappers so frustrated and bent out of shape over true hip hop heads who only want to see the art form evolve and not transform into an abomination of its pure self. You get straight from their own mouths. They’re only interested in flooding the market with let’s go the strip club with this stack of money on our shoulders right after we finish smoking this weed and selling those drugs that we protect with these goons and guns as we adjust our sagging skinny jeans music. They don’t want to be asked about influences or about a love for the music they don’t possess. The new rapper could care less about being true to the roots of the culture. The new rapper just wants to hustle the consumer out of their money whether you were entertained or not. And they are arrogant about not being a real MC. The only thing more sad that that is the audience they cater to are just as clueless and even less interested in preserving what made hip-hop the art form it was.

    • RazaBladeKing

      True… but there’s hope, in a strange way. The audience you talked about is also the target audience (15-25 yr old black males), but lucky for us, they’re also the first generation that finds it absurd to pay for music. As such, trash like this may get spins on the radio all day, but never actually sells nothin and disappear in a year. Meanwhile, guys like Cole and Kendrick that cater to a mature audience (with music of substance) get no spins on the mainstream outlets that cater to today’s target audience, but outsell “Young ______” 10 to 1, so that’s who ends up stayin around. Now more than ever, the real s*** is truly underground… and strangely, (for the first time ever) more lucrative.

  10. Hakeem

    Stop calling older people who love hip hop “haters” because they not down with crap like this….
    It was a bar set high and to tell the fans that followed Rakim Ice Cube EPMD De La Soul Nas, Kiss Fab, etc… to lower your bar sounds crazy

  11. Detroit Vigilante


    WHO’S SUPPORTING THIS new age hip-hop ?


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