Lil Yachty Responds To Anderson .Paak’s Subtweet About Him Not Knowing Biggie & 2Pac Songs

Wait, did a XXL Freshman call out one of his other class members? It looks like it.

Lil Yachty caught the wrath of damn near every 90’s Hip Hop fan when he said that he could not name 5 songs by Biggie and 2Pac.

Fellow 2016 Freshman Anderson. Paak sent out a tweet that seemed to be directed at Yachty’s lack of musical knowledge about two of the greatest emcees of all time.

“Don’t be cocky in the fact that you don’t know anything about hip hop history. Real artists are students of the game first,” wrote Anderson.

Yachty is famous for hook-heavy, lyricism-deprived songs like “One Night” and “Minnesota.” Plus, he’s only 19 years old, so he wasn’t even alive before B.I.G. and Pac died.

But was Anderson .Paak right for calling out unnamed artists for not knowing Hip Hop history? Keep in mind, the 30-year-old is signed to Aftermath. You know, the label founded by three decade Hip Hop veteran Dr. Dre.

Lil Boat responded to A.P.’s tweet and to the overall backlash too.



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24 Responses to “Lil Yachty Responds To Anderson .Paak’s Subtweet About Him Not Knowing Biggie & 2Pac Songs”

  1. Markus

    OK granted he wasn’t alive during the era of real hip hop so for that I can excuse him. What I won’t give him a pass for telling on himself. His response basically says rap is what he does and not what’s within him. It’s a job and nothing more.

  2. PsychoActiveMc619

    It’s one thing to not know something. But to be cocky about it as if it doesn’t matter is childish. I think this guy is a clown and his music is trash. But that doesn’t even matter. He doesn’t have to have respect for anyone n hip hop bc he’s not hip hop. #clownmusic


    Clowns, buffoons, & jokes is the ‘New Class’….. with NO Class, Knowledge or respect for the artform, culture or elders that knocked down walls, barriers & prejudice to give them an opportunity to do what they do, no matter how childish.

  4. josh

    Yes you should know these artists made and/or continued a movement so you could do it today, let’s compare it to the nba you damn well better know who MJ, Bill Russell, Wilt, Magic and Larry is etc.


    R.I.P. to Gene Wilder

    “Wild like Gene Wilder” – Inspecktah Deck

    Real true artists and talents will always cross pollinate. Eff this little boat.

  6. JerZeBoy

    I dont get the “Ooh yo mama hate me… Daddy wouldn’t let you…. If he ever met me… If he ever met you..” part. anyway this dudes music is trash, i dont even call it music. its like noise with people talking over it

  7. MegaHind

    I don’t know this guy’s music. I can’t comment on his music. However, I agree with the principle of his argument.


  8. 2Gees

    Dude is trashy. His “HOOK HEAVY” songs referenced sound like Ice JJ Fish wrote them. No thank you. Looking like a Special Ed Williams Sister.

  9. bubbylana

    never thought id see the day where youngns 4 years younger than me walkin around doing the same bad BS and dont know who 2pac and biggie is. but shoot another 4 years, kids around that age wont know who lil wayne is . true music lasts forever and resonates with those who appreciate it. there has been wack MCS for decades, me im just an advocate of art/music created by black folk.. regardless of the message because the true message can only be learned through your own comprehension and conscious, not through a rappers interpretation of life through art.

  10. nancy.smith

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  11. ursocalledgod

    just looking at this fruity red breaded fukboy makes me angry. who wears braids let alone braids with beads? that something little black girls wore in the late 80s 90s. I cant wait for these fruitcakes 15 mins to be up. just like nelly, hammer, vanilla ice, etc gimmick and pop rappers don’t stay around for long. I don’t even consider what this or that clown uzi whatever his name is does as rap. its just TRASH.

  12. Jaymat_

    I kind of agree. Artist’s like Big and Pac put out albums nearly twenty years ago. Many of today’s rappers are barely in their twenties. I bet if someone asked the average rapper back in 96 to name 5 songs from Run DMC, or LL Cool J, or Kool Moe Dee, it would have been crickets.

    • IL4M

      I would bet that you would lose a nice amount of bread on that Bet… AND I think lil homey BSn, I think he doing it cause he know a lot of people would get the talking… its people across the world that can name some biggie and pac songs.

      • Jaymat_

        You might be right. Better to say you don’t know any songs than to go on stage and ruin a classic like somebody recently.

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