Does 50 Cent Have His Own Future Clone?

These days it seems like everyone wants to sign a Future clone or wants to be one.

Desiigner has been accused of being a Future clone, Master P was accused of signing one, and now G-Unit boss 50 Cent is accused of signing his own Future Hendrix clone, Phresher.

Apparently, gone are the days when artists and regions [strive to] have their own distinctive sounds.

If you were from the north you could listen to the south and west coast, if you were from the south you would listen to the left coast or up north rappers to hear a different sound. It seems like now everyone sounds like they are coming out of Atlanta.

50 Cent’s artist Phresher has received much criticism for trying to “run with Future’s sound”.

Do you think he sounds like Future, or are folks reaching? Ahhhh the era of the mumble rappers.

Wait A Minute!!!!! PH x @50cent #WaitAMinute ✔

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