Turk Has A Message For Lil’ Wayne, Mannie Fresh, and Juvenile!

Hot Boy Turk wants it to be known that he has no beef with any of the Cash Money artists, but he is certainly disappointed in them.

Turk says he’s been out of jail for almost four years, and he wants Lil’ Wayne, Mannie Fresh, and Juvenile to let him know if there is an issue, because he’s tired of people asking him why he doesn’t do shows with them, or why he doesn’t have any new tracks with them.

He says he had to take it to the ‘gram because it’s the only way he could reach his former musical crew at the moment.

Turk says Birdman and B.G. are still rocking with him. Lil’ Wayne probably isn’t here for any of it right now as it’s “f*ck Cash Money” for him everyday right now.

Who has a problem with ol’ Turk Dawg?


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