Jarren Benton: Gene Simmons Will Die Before Hip Hop Dies (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Kiss rocker Gene Simmons has been a very outspoken critic of Hip Hop music.

The 67-year-old Israeli-American musician has even stated that he is looking forward to Hip Hop dying out and hopes it happens soon.

DJ Smallz spoke with Atlanta spitter Jarren Benton about Simmons’ comments on the culture.

The Slow Motion Vol. 2 project creator strongly pushed back against the idea that Hip Hop is on its deathbed.

“Gene Simmons will probably be dead in ten years. Deadpool, anybody want to put money on it?” stated Benton. “You heard it first. Ten years from now. Maybe before that.”

He continued, “Gene Simmons will die before Hip Hop dies. No disrespect to Gene.”

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