Is Desiigner’s Whole Persona & Style A Gimmick?!

Lawd knows most people are tired of Desiigner.

Sure “Panda” was catchy and featured a nice beat. “Timmy Turner” had traction but look, his style is getting pretty old, and quite frankly, we are tired of trying to decipher his lyrics.

Interestingly enough, new footage surfaced of Desiigner rapping before the fame, and get this, we can kind of understand him!

We are wondering how long the kid will last. It’s hard to believe that he’s only 19, and it’s even harder to believe he’s not on drugs.

What’s behind Desiigner’s whole current persona?! Is it a gimmick? Do you prefer the old style in the video below?! Even closed captioning gives up on Desiigner! Carry on…


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41 Responses to “Is Desiigner’s Whole Persona & Style A Gimmick?!”

  1. I'm the top, Vlad's the bottom

    “Lawd knows most people are tired of Desiigner.”

    Since when has AHH been so opinionated? I thought you were a collective of journalists? You should stick to reporting; we dont care about your personal likes/dislikes. This is why AHH is losing. You went from having over 1000 comments on one page to none at all. The way the site is put together sucks as well.

      • STEPH

        That’s real talk, depends on if he just cares about instant gratification for the short run or if he’s in it for the long haul. His old style was sick though.

      • Jason Mazur

        Many people come in the game and cared about longevity and still didn’t make it long term and would leave with the same amount of money overall.


    Rap SUCKS these days… No TALENT….No FILTER… every LAME thinks he’s a ‘rap star’….NICCA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jason Mazur

    Simple. His old Style wasn’t getting him paid. He wasn’t trying to be the best rapper in his hood for street kudos. He figured it out and he ran with it. Mofos just can never be happy for someones success. If you don’t like him, there are like 4,225,002 other rappers for you to listen to, you’re probably one of them.

      • Jason Mazur

        The answer is simple. Don’t frequent places where things are shoved down your throat that you don’t want. You hang out normally where things are not your vibe?

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        Back when I listened to the radio, it was unavoidable. You know like I know if the media wants toflood the streets with something, they’ll do it…
        For instance, cops shooting unarmed black people. Tell me how you would avoid hearing about it in the US?

  4. Scromes1212

    Actually some nice bars. Especially at that age. But what’s up with the first line of the article? Why would a music journalist write that? I’m confused. I think the kid is super talented.

  5. Hoeyuno....2

    I just watched his panda video and I don’t think the faces and ish are that far off from what Busta was doing back in the day.. but Busta was mad unique and this kid sounds like all the other kids that sound like that.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Correction. Just because he is animated doesn’t mean he is remotely like Busta Rhymes. MOP is animated as many artist are. He doesn’t sound like Busta or act like him. Busta you can understand him even when he spits fast. Designer you can’t understand a word. Plus he isn’t witty or have sick metaphors or bars. Him being animated probably is the only thing they have in common as far as him and Busta. Son is trash like most out today. Straight doo doo big pile of steaming dookie!

    • Step Over Bull$h!t My Negus

      Busta Rhymes was in a video with Janet Jackson rubbing on side boob. He had lyrics, flow & a unique style. Busta top ten. Putting Busta in the same sentence with Desiigner is like slappin Busta whole career in the face. Don’t respect a legend like that. And Kanye directed the Panda video. Siigner just had a stroke or some shut through out it.

  6. Boston80sbaby

    Im rooting for this kid. He only 19 and is still finding himself. If he rap like this he might be around longer. G.o.o.d. music has really talented artist and I think he can be one

  7. Step Over Bull$h!t My Negus

    He sounds like he wants to rap fast but he don’t know any words. So he just mumbles until it’s time to say BBBBBBBBBBBBBLAAAATTTTTT again

  8. Q.

    The boy has an African cadence–I’ll give him that. But on Timmie Turner it sounds like he’s spittin in Swahili…
    If he was Kenyan I’d be impressed!

  9. Vexed Vader

    He raps like this on his the album he just put out iTunes. New English or something like that it’s called. Doesn’t sound too far from the flow he’s blowing up with, it’s just missing auto tune and a whatever pills he’s taking now a days.

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