Is Desiigner’s Whole Persona & Style A Gimmick?!

Lawd knows most people are tired of Desiigner.

Sure “Panda” was catchy and featured a nice beat. “Timmy Turner” had traction but look, his style is getting pretty old, and quite frankly, we are tired of trying to decipher his lyrics.

Interestingly enough, new footage surfaced of Desiigner rapping before the fame, and get this, we can kind of understand him!

We are wondering how long the kid will last. It’s hard to believe that he’s only 19, and it’s even harder to believe he’s not on drugs.

What’s behind Desiigner’s whole current persona?! Is it a gimmick? Do you prefer the old style in the video below?! Even closed captioning gives up on Desiigner! Carry on…



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