Did Drake Smash A Pair Of Real Sisters?

It looks like Future and The Game aren’t the only rappers smashing “real sisters”.

After rumors hit that Drake was taking a break from Rihanna to carry on a fling with Instagram/reality star bae, India Love, his fans weren’t the only ones surprised.

India’s sister, Crystal Westbrooks, jumped on Twitter to throw subliminal shade at India for hooking up with her ex-fling, Drake. Crystal also unfollowed her sister on Instagram!

Another crazy detail is the fact that India’s ex-boyfriend, Cliff Dixon, was rumored to have cheated on her with Rihanna. Perhaps Drake and Love could be hooking up to piss Rihanna off for separate reasons.

Regardless of the fact that India has been following Drake on tour, rumor has it that Drake and Rihanna are still in each other’s lives in some capacity, but their schedules just got in the way and caused them to see other people.

There are some strange hookups these days. Out of all of the people on earth people choose to swap out the same individuals.


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