Uncle Luke Recalls A Party At Donald Trump’s House So Wild, He Had To Leave

Whoever thought there would be a day when 2 Live Crew’s own Uncle Luke would say he attended a party that was even too wild for Mr. Pop That P–sy himself!?!

Uncle Luke recently chatted with Kevin Klein Live and gave a little more info on just how controversial Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, really is.

Luke recalls once being invited to a party at Trump’s West Palm Beach mansion, and being so outraged by the things going on there that he had to leave.

Now one would have to ask what on earth back then could’ve been going on that would be appalling to Uncle Luke. Run and play an old Uncle Luke record or watch an old Uncle Luke video.

Luke shared an anecdote on the radio, but he explained he had to leave a lot out because it would be inappropriate to discuss on air.

“Me, Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy, we were invited to his mansion in West Palm Beach one time. And he had all these women running around. It was so much going on to the point that I couldn’t take what was going in that room and I left,” said Uncle Luke.

Uncle Luke has also called out the hypocritical Republican party and Trump supporters for their hypocrisy.

“Isn’t this the party that came after me? The right wing conservative Republican party that said, ‘We don’t wanna hear no, ‘I want some…’ We don’t wanna hear no, ‘Face down…’ We don’t wanna hear no, ‘Pop that…’ I spent millions and millions of dollars dealing with this Republican party, and now your nominee is out there talking about ‘Grab her by the coochie’? Are you serious? I want all my money back,” said Uncle Luke.

The leaked audio of Trump’s 2005 controversial statements, have led to public outrage.

Luke kind of has a point. Give that man his coins back. LOL! But frfr we want to know what was going on at that party.

This is what I have to say about Mr. Trump grab the coochie comments

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53 Responses to “Uncle Luke Recalls A Party At Donald Trump’s House So Wild, He Had To Leave”

    • Jaymat_

      The media set this up perfectly. They were head over heels in love with Trump during the primaries because they knew of all the candidates, he was easiest one to beat. So the media gave him excellent press (search Trump articles during the primary season) up until right around the Democratic/Republican conventions. Once the conventions were over it became Hillary time. Now, Trump is satan himself and the major news outlets are so in bed with Hillary Rodham that it’s not even funny. Blatant partisan press.

      • THE.

        They knew trump was a lunatic and unpredictable so they had the tapes in case he went off script!

      • Jaymat_

        You know they had those tapes all along. Don’t be surprised to see another bomb dropped before or shortly after the next debate, right before the election.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        Naw I think Trump is in on it..He’s going to be bigger as the loser than he probably would have winning..He’s already saying the fix is in and he’s going to say how corrupt the system is and get the crazy rednecks wanting blood…

  1. Brindle

    Luke lying, you know young Luke didn’t walk away from that room cause he was disgusted by what ever was going on… STOP IT… and 2ndly the republican party has always backed away from Trump… this whole article/Luke makes no sense… he trying to get in where he can fit

    • DJ7

      You’re wrong on this one fam. Those white dudes used to (still do) throw weirdo type party’s. Men touching men and men touching little kids type of ish…Doesn’t matter how many chicks were running around naked and coked up, that scene was/is for weirdos and the like.

      I know a cat that used to run with these cats back in the day on the music tip and yes, they were a wild bunch b.u.t. NEVER did it involve men on men nor men on lil kids. That’s white culture B.

    • Ipullcards

      They didn’t back away from him 20 years ago because he wasn’t running for president. Your politics suck. So does your point. Non coherently put together. What does Luke have to get in where he fits in? He has nothing to gain. Everybody has stories about ppl, esp when you’re rich famous, you blow money all over the world and treat ppl as if they’re less then a human

  2. STFUUIgnants

    I don’t trust either parties, and will vote for Jill Stein. That being said Trump supporters pull every excuse in the book out of their azz every day.

  3. Jaymat_

    Where’s Dave Chapelle? He could do an “Uncle Luke’s Real Hollywood Stories” sketch off of this. I’m sure Mike Tyson and Charlie Murphy would be available. Chapelle could play Donald Trump in white face like that one sketch he did. The whole episode Chapelle, dressed up as Trump, could keep saying “grab her by the pu#s@.” It will be the new, “I’m Rick James, bi&ch!

  4. JerZeBoy

    come on Luke went to a party that was soo crazy he had to leave???? GTFOH what next aquaman drowns….. thats such BS. Either you ARE a lame prude, or your lying, and it clear your lying.

    • Ipullcards

      Must of been gay stuff. That’s why he’d leave. Come on bro, act like you know. Read between the lines. Don’t blur ’em.

      • JerZeBoy

        i dont ever think in the mind frame of “gay” so didnt think about that, but i highly doubt donald trump is gay….he is alot of things, but calling him gay isnt one i would ever believe… he has made off comments, and donethings to women since he was 20

      • Ipullcards

        You sound so dumb and naive. You know everything about everyone you see on tv right? You were there in the 90’s right? @ the party? With uncle Luke? Like I thought. Stfu. Enjoy your comfy suburban enclave cause this thing called “real life”? You aren’t built for. See I’m already wasting my characters and time. Damn why are we so dumb? Americans? Black Americans? Minorities. If you believe anything positive about Donald trump, I have some beach front property for sell you in Montana! I’m sure you’re interested

      • shock

        Now that’s how you check’em…tell that dude to good back to the starbucks forum where the rest of his friends are!

      • JerZeBoy

        Good back to the suberbs? Lmao I can tell where you got your education….your moms probably happy you graduated 8th grade, and like I told your boy, I’m from Paterson NJ. Look it up, one murder a day…spare me the bs

      • shock

        you the idiot f%ck boy…like the spell check on your phone don’t put in different words from time to time. And I don’t give a f%ck where you from…you behind a keyboard talking tough. And I actually have a Masters degree from Grambling …a BLACK UNIVERSITY….b%$ch!

      • JerZeBoy

        You received a masters degree in Ebonics. Look at the way you are still composing sentences “Like the spell check on your phone don’t put in different words” GTFOH that’s not even a sentence, and your phone has nothing to do with that. lmao nice try though, you made my day. DIYA I would stop typing before you look any dumber, if that’s possible now.

      • JerZeBoy

        not at all, just correcting what you are trying to say so people can understand it. You just played yourself that’s all, next time you might learn to mind your own business.

      • JerZeBoy

        I can tell your education level by how you keep saying ninja every 2 seconds, seriously are you 15yrs old, you sound stupid, so stop playing yourself.

      • shock

        Man….you know how many times I’ve heard that bs on here? Having your lil cousin pass out cds for ya don’t count as co-workers playa! lmao

      • shock

        You go from trying to be a killa to a english teacher..lmao wtf?

      • shock

        LMAO…..you well educated? I guess I’m candidate in this election then! Boy stooooppppp

      • JerZeBoy

        TRUTH. I could tell you I have a masters degree, but can’t compose a whole sentence that is, grammar wise, past 6th grade……FOH ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ your tired, just stop the bs. Wait i will type a sentence so you can understand “ninja you aint bout that life, im mad intelligent, i gots my degree and all that soo stop playin wit me b4 i smoke your fake azz”

      • shock

        I don’t get tired..you should have never opened that d%$k sucka…my bad proper english..your mouth I mean!

      • JerZeBoy

        I grew up in Paterson Nj look it up, one murder a day so spare me with the suberbs talk. I’m also PuertoRican and not a trump supporter. Sounds like the gay comment hit home Lmao. Call the wambulance!

      • Ipullcards

        Well it don’t sound like it.. and labeling someone gay and thinking it’s a bad thing shows how dumb & shallow and ignorant you are. I’m sure your mom and pop taught you to think like that. Hate is passed down and from the sounds of it, you went to dumb a&$ east side high. You smoke crack dont ya? Jump off a building

      • JerZeBoy

        call the WAMMMMBULANCE!!!!!!!!! I was taught not to speak unless spoken to, take a lesson. Wait it’s not a bad thing is what you said, but you acknowledged/agreed and you understood why Luke left, so clearly you dont approve….you are just flip flopping for argument, i dont have the time.

      • JerZeBoy

        LMAO your dam right, im from the grant street projects and gay stuff was
        never allowed or accepted, so i think your the one wearing the tight
        jeans, cause it’s not here! call the WAMMMMBULANCE!!!!!!!!! I was also
        taught not to speak unless spoken to, take a lesson, and Wait it’s not a
        bad thing is what you said, but you acknowledged/agreed and you
        understood why Luke left, so clearly you dont approve….you are just
        flip flopping for argument, i dont have the time or patience…you are
        one of those”i think im smart, dumb ninjas”


        gay stuff like Eddie Murphy getting caught with Tranny prostitutes?

        A bunch of white rich squares dudes on the influence with white escorts. They weren’t in their comfort zone so they bounced. Tyson, Luke, and Eddie Murphy aren’t desperate. They can get theirs when they want.

      • Ipullcards

        That’s plausible as well. But then why attend the event? Squares? white elite republicans? They don’t exactly mix with our kind.. but they still attended. And in Miami what party @ a mansion doesn’t have escorts and drugs? Be serious. While it’s plausible, it doesn’t seem likely. They left because of something more personal not worth mentioning in this interview. They wouldn’t have showed if they cared about anything you stated.


        West Palm Beach is not Miami for starters. Totally different world.

        Luke doesn’t want to get involved like that. If he was to for example…say he say some dude snorting coke off some girl’s bungiehole or a fish being inserted into a girl(all plausible things that would make an average hood dude think about bouncing from a party) that would invite a sh!!tstorm of press and back and forth with Trump. Luke is a smart guy. Smart guys know when to keep their mouth shut.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        How many Republicans have to get caught with men before these nigz wake up?The ones thats on that homophobic stuff the most still got “dikk on the breath”from the male escort from the night before..

  5. #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Me, Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy, we were invited to his mansion in West Palm Beach one time. And he had all these women running around. It was so much going on to the point that I couldn’t take what was going in that room and I left,”

    Such a LIEE

  6. Raheem Classick

    If trump wins, be prepared for a 1950’s style of America, because they want to take it back to the era when Blacks were docile, we were barely seen and hardly heard in the grand scheme of things.

    If trump loses, be prepared!!!!
    Because if they can’t take it back have A 1950’s control over this Country as they want it, I feel they will try and force their type of laws, beliefs, and justice in A very harsh manner on those who would dare to live free and peacefully opposite of them in this Country.
    Weather this comes to fruition or not, what’s wrong with being prepared for whatever.

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