Eric B. and Rakim Starting To Work Together Again

(AllHipHop News) It looks like after almost two decades of being separated, Eric B and Rakim are starting to work together again.

In previous interviews, neither of the men characterized their split almost 18 years ago as a “beef,” although the pair parted ways over business disputes.

After releasing seminal albums like Paid In Full, Follow The Leader, Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em and Don’t Sweat the Technique between 1986-1992, Eric B. decided to focus on various successful business ventures, while Rakim and continued on with a solid solo career.

Recently, Eric B. posted a picture of the two together with their manager Jose Hassan of a company called Paid In Full Management.

The pair recently launched an official merchandising company and are selling some cool T-shirts to capitalize on their legendary hit “Eric B. For President” and the current presidential elections.

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