Women With Shawty Lo During Fatal Car Crash Took Money Out of His Pockets?

Oh my! New details are emerging about the untimely death of rapper, Shawty Lo, and they aren’t sounding too good.

Shawty Lo reportedly reeked of alcohol and had pills on him when he died. That’s not all.

According to TMZ, the two women who survived the accident took money out of his pockets after he was dead, leaving only $16.

Deshondria Miller and Destini Carter (the thieves in question) allegedly asked a police officer if they could take cash out of Shawty Lo’s pockets, and the cop allegedly let them do it.

Were the women only thinking of a come up during a tragedy? If they were close to him/family was it okay for them to take the money, or is it disgusting to take from a dead person? What are your thoughts?

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