Tiny Claps Back At Critics Over Photo With Floyd Mayweather

You know the critics had to jump all up in Tiny’s Instagram comments when she was spotted side by side with Floyd Mayweather in a photo from Mariah Carey’s Halloween party.

Remember T.I. and Mayweather had a brawl in 2014 outside of a Fatburger on the Vegas strip, and Mayweather bragged about allegedly having sex with Tiny.

Tiny told TMZ that she wasn’t disrespecting her husband Tip by taking the photo with Mayweather. Instead, she was doing it out of respect for Mariah Carey.

Tiny explained that she was kind of almost forced to take the photo because she didn’t want to disrespect Mariah in her own home. You know Mimi is the Queen of iconic shade (see Jennifer Lopez beef), so maybe she set Tiny up. Jk.

It has to be kind of awkward to pose in a pic beside someone who doesn’t get along with your husband though.

Tip seems unbothered!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsY7RRfkReI&w=630&h=420]

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