Jeezy Weighs In On Kanye West’s Beef With Jay Z

‘The Real’ talk show loves drama, so they recently tried to bait the snowman, Jeezy, into giving a controversial opinion about the alleged Kanye West and Jay Z “beef”.

‘The Real’ wanted to get Jeezy’s take on the situation as he is a friend to both rappers.

When asked about his feelings on Kanye’s rant, Jeezy said,

“They’re brothers, brothers work out brotherly stuff. It’s like they got history together. You gotta let them handle it. They’re grown men. They gonna fix it; they’re going to work it out, then more great music.”

Loni Love told Jeezy the drama was juicy, to which Jeezy replied saying that he tries not to get into things like that by worrying about what’s on his own plate.

Jeezy’s ‘Trap Or Die 3’ album drops tomorrow! Will you be checking it out?


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