What Happened To Keith Murray? Crazy Picture!

An image of 90’s rap legend Keith Murray is circulating and it doesn’t look good. Before the rumors, here is the picture.

What the hell happened to #KeithMurray!?

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Here is the word on the streets.

The rumor is, Keith has a drug problem. Murray is “known” to get down with a variety of drugs and has admitted to such. Now, it seems like it may be taking over in a most negative way. Lets start in the 90’s. Rappers like Redman were on a bunch of stuff like PHP and dust. I am not certain if KM was a part of all that, but he and Reggie and others rolled tight as a part of the Hit Squad and later the Def Squad. Last year, Keith Murray had a battle with Fredro Starr of Onyx that was just weird. Later on, he blamed his erratic behavior on prescription drugs.

You can see him talk about the drug issues below.

AllHipHop was a sponsor of the battle and you can see it below.

Now, as far as the present day issue, it seems like KM got into a scrap that got him landed in jail. There’s not a lot more to say, Keith is getting older and I know he has kids. Hopefully he is taking the first steps to get clean and sober if this is indeed recent.

At any rate, check out KM’s high marks:

“The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World”

“Get Lifted”

LL Cool J Ft Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe & Foxy Brown – “I Shot Ya (Remix)”

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20 Responses to “What Happened To Keith Murray? Crazy Picture!”

  1. TheCoder

    He definitely is not looking like the most beautifulest thing in the world right there. Them drugs was like “I get in ya”

  2. Hoeyuno....2

    Leave Keith alone!!! Dude was solid as fugg as a youngster and woulda knocked out 99% of all rappers of all time!!! Im pretty sure Kieth was a group home kid in and out of the system and never got the help he needed for depression issues type ish… Rappers need to step up and help homie instead of laughing behind his back…

      • Hoeyuno....2

        Right.. Yo, you still fuggin around over at 4umf? I need some side hustles and wouldn’t mind exploring that ish again..

      • Hoeyuno....2

        All good… your in chill mode then? Who you got in the election?

      • EDOGZ818

        Which one would Jesus vote for?
        A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. Seeing how Obama helped gays, women, illegal immigrants, etc…..but not Black people, chances are, neither candidate will help Blacks.

  3. STFUUIgnants

    Let’s be honest, a lot of 90’s hip hop stars did drugs, and lots of it. This was inevitable their lifestyles was eventually going to catch up with them. Props to the artists like Styles P who decided to make a drastic change…or maybe like Meth who decided to just stop smoking dust. Before they end up like DMX or their health is compromised like ‘Face.

    Imagine what rappers like lil Wayne and ’em are going to look like 20 or maybe even 10ys from now…when their careers are dwindling and the 10yr olds of today are calling them old heads and old naggaz.

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