EXCLUSIVE: Former Remy Boy P. Dice DISSES Fetty Wap On New Song “FETTY VANILLI”

(AllHipHop News) Recording artist P. Dice formally of the Remy Boyz has released the first single from his upcoming project, “The Petting Zoo.”

The new single, “Fetty Vanilli” takes aim at Fetty Wap, who P. Dice recently filed a $7 million dollar lawsuit against for co-writing the hit “679.”

According to the documents filed, Fetty Wap had a deal with P.Dice for 16.9% of the profits

P. Dices’ new track, “Fetty Vanilli” samples the 1989 hit, “Girl You Know It’s True” by Milli Vanilli, the group that was infamously exposed for lip-synching back in the 1990’s and were eventually stripped of their Grammy Award.

On the track, which features Dylie Dollas, P. Dice raps about his relationship with Fetty Wap and compares him to a modern day Milli Vanilli.

He raps “Wap you know it’s true, oou oou, oou, I made you.”

In addition to his new project, which is set to be release on November 11th, P. Dice is currently working with Wonderboy Music and has been hitting the studio with French Montana.

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