21 Savage Has A Special Druggy Breakfast

(AllHipHop Rumors) So, ya’ll just gonna let 21 Savage die, huh? Dude got on social media and put syzzzzzzzurp on his nice breakfast pancakes! This stunt got the rapper thousands and thousands of views on social media. But, was it helpful to his career? Who cares! are you not entertained by this 9 seconds of pure debauchery? Check it out and comment or just read the comments.

Hope he makes it to be a 31 Savage.

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12 Responses to “21 Savage Has A Special Druggy Breakfast”

    • ZUBU

      Don’t blame this on crack, nor meth; this a total different addiction and high. Plus most of these dudes are not really junkies they just posing for the cameras, and negatively influencing kids. Like with dudes toting 20 guns, they not really living that life or they would be dead or locked up….SMH @Them
      I get what you saying though and I concur!

      • JerZeBoy

        i could see posing with guns becasue you want people to think your hard, or from the street so you dont get tested, but being a “druggie” in general, is someone who will snitch/turn their backs, etc. for a high. where im from, we serve, we dont get served, and cats like that have no respect. Everyone partys here in and there (not talking about crack,dope, etc) but these dudes doing this everyday, like this clown showing he wakes up and im sure HAS to HAVE it, is a step away from doing H, as when cats cant get there syrup or pills, thats what they go to becasue it is the same feeling almost from what im told, but cheaper and easier to get.

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