Future Trolls Desiigner Over Ferrari Lawsuit

(AllHipHop Rumors) Future always seems to have time to mock and troll the hell out of Desiigner!

My gosh Atlanta rap star Future is so petty, and he’s clearly still not over Desiigner “stealing” his sound.

If you ever want to know how Future feels, all you have to do is go on his Snap Chat for his subliminal and timely shots at others.

Desiigner was all smiles yesterday celebrating his first Grammy nomination, but Future had to dim his shine by seemingly throwing shade about Desiigner’s Ferrari lawsuit.

Maybe Future is feeling some kind of way because the Brooklyn teen also beat him out for a nod period.

As you know Desiigner is being sued by a rental car company for allegedly wrecking a Ferrari. The company is taking him to court and suing him for $500,000.

Future couldn’t resist the petty itch as he took to Snap Chat to post a photo of his Bentley, letting his fans know that he doesn’t do rentals.

LOL. All shade!

Future is so petty 😂

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