What? Lupe Fiasco Says “No More New Music” After Releasing New Music!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am not sure what is in the water but Lupe Fiasco just revealed that he will not be dropping any more new music. But, he JUST released a new “freestyle” going at J. Cole. Or seemingly going at J. Cole. But he said more than that and that may be the issue.

“Artist gettin’ robbed for their publishing / By dirty Jewish execs that think his alms from the covenant.”

Hmmm….could the music industry Jewish mafia have gotten to Lupe? You know they have shut down artists from Michael Jackson to The Lox. Don’t act like they don’t exist.

lupe fiasco


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AND THEN…you realize this dude is playing games or something. He actually does play a lot of video games.

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