Watch Dwayne Applewhite’s Internal Struggle On “Bad Habits”

As North Carolina’s Dwayne Applewhite prepares to release his upcoming “Dwaynism” EP, he decided to give us all a look inward as he struggles with his ‘addictions’ on “Bad Habits.”

This first in a four-part series examines the ugly side of addiction whether that be lust, drugs or whatever your vice of choice may be. Be sure to check for Parts 2-4 coming up!

Dwayne Applewhite – Bad Habits

Never Let "Bad Habits" Come In Between You And The Ones You Love… Dwaynism EP drops February 14th… "Pharaogamo" EP out nowApple/iTunes: Spotify: Tidal:

Posted by Village of Pharaohs on Monday, January 16, 2017

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