Is A New Drake & Migos Collaboration On The Way?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well at least this will be a guaranteed hit!

Remember when Drake hopped on the remix of Migos‘ “Versace” making it a complete hit in 2013. They then linked in 2014 on “Trophies”, and now it looks like Migos is suggesting that a third collaboration with Drake may be on the way.

Hmmmmmm will Migos appear on ‘More Life’? Maybe!

Migos member Quavo expressed that although they aren’t “close” to Drizzy, he definitely pays attention to their movement.

“He always be popping up and let us know he see us. We ain’t got no relationship with him, but I know he watching and he respect the wave and he knows what’s going on. And we got something on the way,” said Quavo.

Migos have already dropped their ‘Culture’ album, and we’ll have the 6 God’s new album in less than a month, so their collaboration would have logical placement on ‘More Life’, or it may just be put out as a single.

Migos know that Drake is definitely rocking with them as they recalled an old 2013 interview of Drake arguing to DJ Drama that Migos were popping more than Rich Homie Quan was.

“When I seen that, I knew he wanted to work with us,” said Quavo.

It looks like Drake has confirmed that something is indeed on the way, as he liked an Instagram post of a clip of this very same interview of Migos and DJ Whoo Kid.

Are you looking forward to another Drake x Migos collab? I think it’s hilarious that folks say that Drake rides everyone’s waves, and that he’s the biggest “bandwagoner” ever. LMAO. carry on.

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