Soulja Boy Down To Collaborate With Chris Brown After He Knocks Him Out

(AllHipHop News) Soulja Boy wants the world to know that he’s taking his training for his upcoming bout with R&B singer Chris Brown serious.

Even though Soulja constantly posts images of himself smoking marijuana out of cigars on his social media feeds, Soulja said he plans to be in top shape by the time March rolls around.

“I’m training every day until the fight. I know that Floyd is not going to be able to be there with me every single day, as much as I need him, but with Holyfield, we can make it happen,” Soulja Boy told

Soulja Boy, who dumped his trainer Floyd Mayweather earlier this week in favor of Evander Holyfield, said it was simply a decision made out of necessity and not because of any issues between the two.

Soulja Boy seems very confident that Evander Holyfield will teach him the proper techniques to defeat Chris Brown, who is being trained by Holyfield’s old arch nemesis, Mike Tyson.

Soulja Boy said he was even down to collaborate with Chris Brown, after the fight was over.

“If it was up to me, after I knock him out or after we fight, we can shake hands and be cool after that. We’ll have our issues out the way. If he wants to make a song, we can make a song,” Soulja Boy told

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are supposed to fight each other in Dubai this March.

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