Village People Singer Claims The Grammys Have A Secret Racist Committee To Block Black Wins!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Welp! Are you surprised?

The Grammys have come under much critique over the years for not fully awarding and recognizing black artists and their musical accomplishments. So to no one’s surprise, all hell broke loose when Adele beat out Beyonce for the Album Of The Year award at this year’s ceremony.

Well it looks like Village People singer, Victor Willis, has had enough and is ready to air it all about the Recording Academy and their ways.

Willis claims that there is a secret committee in place to make sure that black artists don’t take home “too many” Grammys! So apparently, they aren’t just out of touch; they are strategic.

Willis sent a letter to the President of the Recording Academy demanding that he confess about a secret group they allegedly had that was formed back in 1985 after Lionel Richie beat Bruce Springsteen for the Album Of The Year award.

According to TMZ, Willis claims the committee’s sole purpose is to override Grammy voters in the event the select committee does not like who the Grammy voter has chosen for the most important awards. INSANE!

Willis also suggests that there is a strong racial element, as he questions how many African Americans are on the said committee. According to TMZ, they did some digging, and found out that a secret committee does exist, but it’s put in place to take out embarrassing and undeserving nominations. The Recording Academy has since denied that any such committees exist. What are your thoughts?

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12 Responses to “Village People Singer Claims The Grammys Have A Secret Racist Committee To Block Black Wins!”

  1. koolbreeze

    Why do black people constantly waste their time worrying about these groups that don’t give a crap about them,nor have ever given a crap about them?
    Instead of worrying about what they are doing,why not start your OWN award shows??

    • edeck7

      I agree we should start our own situations, but we pay taxes like everybody else in American, who have live according to the dominant culture’s laws, so what is wrong with demanding that, that they treat Black Americans fair and correct. It takes money to start our own, money which a lot of us don’t have despite the popular belief that we do, if you recall a lot Black people’s wealth had all but disappeared doing the last economic crisis staring in 2007. The white controlled music industry signed Beyonce because they knew they could make billions off of her talent, why not treat her with the respect she deserves instead of us saying well we need to start our own when racism rears it’s ugly head, saying that is a cop out and doesn’t help us as Black Americans

      • koolbreeze

        As far as saying we don’t have any money,why is it that all other people can make money off US by setting up shop in our community and making money which they in turn take back to their own communities ?
        We support EVERY community but our own,I doubt it would be that difficult once we CAME TOGETHER collectively and pooled our resources,we have the ability to do it.
        They wont ever care no matter how we protest,the only thing that will make them change their tune is the $$,when they stop seeing it from US.

  2. All Headz Realize

    The committee is to undermine the African American greats who are real competition to their culture, then give the award to the black people that they don’t feel to be a threat in the future. Deny Beyonce and Drake who have been making hits for years now and award chance the rapper who has yet to make one hit and won’t be around in the next year or two!

  3. edeck7

    Lol I saw this shish coming for a long time. Adele was admired by some many Black people with her debut album, I being a member of our beautiful race falls for so many cons. Adele was, is and will always be to me the white answer to Jill Scott. The powers that be that runs the “Grammys” cheats Beyonce, but uses Adele as both a tool of white supremacy and hopefully as tool for what the greedy gate keepers of the entertainment industry hopes to drag out of us which is unconscious hatred for White people, let’s not play into these wicked people’s hands, Beyonce and Adele in a sense are both victims which to cheat one artist, and get the people to scorn the other to create division amongst music lovers

  4. edeck7

    This article is about Beyonce and Adele why do you all have a picture of “Chance The Rapper”? He got his awards, but he faced no real competition because the industry is no longer equipped to sign really dope artists any more in any genre of music

  5. Mo Cash

    Well I guess we can rest easy cuz they were asked if they had one An said no they would’ve told us about there secret racist monitor regime😶🙄

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