Was Rocko Trolling Future Over Alleged Lawsuit Loss?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Someone is lying! LOL.

Soooooo remember last year when news hit that rapper Rocko was suing Future for $10 million for allegedly breaching a contract in regards to Future’s agreement to make six albums under Rocko’s A1 Recordings?!

Future of course got in his feelings previously and went in on Rocko, and followed up by trying to contersue the rapper over unpaid advances.

Welp rumor hit recently that Rocko was allegedly victorious with his lawsuit against Future. Word on the curb is that a judge has ruled in Rocko’s favor requiring Future to pay Rocko 50% of his tour revenue as well as giving Rocko the royalties of Future’s next two albums.

Now get this, Rocko has seemed to kind of deny that this ruling or any type of settlement has taken place, with Instagram posts that hint at fake news from various sites, and with a post that asks where do people even get these stories from.

Although the public may be a little off with the facts, Rocko doesn’t seem like the type to want the details of a ruling to hit the public anyway. He doesn’t want or need yall counting his pockets. Well although Rocko seems to suggests that he knows nothing about any such ruling, fans couldn’t help but to think that Rocko posting and promoting Future’s new album on Instagram was mighty strange, esepcially since no one has heard of any reconciliation or any resolution with the lawsuit.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Rocko is trying to keep everything on the hush hush and spare Future from any further embarrassment?! What’s really going on here?! It def seems like Rocko was King Petty and King Troll with him promoting the album all of sudden. Rocko has also since deleted the Future album post also.

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6 Responses to “Was Rocko Trolling Future Over Alleged Lawsuit Loss?”

    • Nyga07

      lol yup, kind of make me wonder why future was not promotion his album, would say it makes sense but I don’t know full detail. Either way he just dropped out of thin air, album is on point IMO.

    • Nyga07

      LMAO WAIT !!!!! Yeah might be a big bag of truth to this, he dropping another album in a week, contract fulfilled. Oh and Ahh you’re welcome to use that follow up story, we can work together lol

      • andone

        i was about to mention that 2nd album as well, there could actually be some truth to this?

  1. Frank Yoster

    Its obvious hes promoting his album is cause he gets paid off it…as unusual that looks…moneys money…future just keeps collectin Ls..

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