Man Claims To Be Having A Sexual Relationship With Kodak Black!

(AllHipHop Rumors) While I don’t put anything past anyone in 2017, in Kodak’s defense, this smells like a publicity stunt.

It looks like rapper Kodak Black has found himself caught up in a gay scandal. A person has taken to Instagram claiming to have a sexual relationship with the rapper.

The reveal is a little sketchy. IG user @sgmybloodline says that his in-the-closet alleged romance with Kodak is a bigger shocker than Remy Ma killing Nicki Minaj over the weekend.

“F-ck it Remy & Nicki spilling tea. Me and Lil Kodak been f-cking around & now we want to get serious believe it or not. Aye “he was just bopping on my d-ck umm I think two nights ago!!! And this isn’t a lie of for clout. this me and this n-gga dead feeling each other. A n-gga don’t lie on his d-ck,” said @sgmybloodline.

What’s extremely odd is the person is trying to say that they are getting ready to get serious with each other, but he is exposing Kodak actually. If you were having a coming out party on the gram, I’d like too think you wouldn’t express it like this.

I don’t know if Kodak is gay or not, but I know he IS deeply troubled and off. I mean the rape charges, taking showers on IG when he has a mostly male following and dropping the phone “by mistake”, showing a train being ran on IG, and facetiming underage girls. I mean issa tragedy.

Either this guy was hacked, is seeking attention, and or is a man scorned. This is crazy! What are your thoughts? Do you believe it?

Wait, what? 🤣

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