Remy Ma Points Out Chart Success Of Her Nicki Minaj Diss Record “ShETHER”

(AllHipHop News) After dropping “ShETHER,” Remy Ma has not decided to go back-to-back with diss records against Nicki Minaj.

However, it appears Remy is still trolling Nicki by pointing out the chart success of the song.

“Not that I care but… #shETHER #9 rap song on US iTunes,” wrote Rem on Twitter last night.

This morning the Bronx spitter added, “#shETHER #2 C, this Y u shouldn’t base ya life around this. ‘These streets aren’t made 4 every1, that’s why they made sidewalks’ #Barz.”

Nicki’s first response to “ShETHER” was an Instagram post about the low sales of Remy and Fat Joe’s Plata O Plomo album.

The Young Money star later deleted the IG post.

Remy had already conducted a preemptive strike against Nicki’s ability to boast about her many multi-platinum plaques.

“And stop talkin’ numbers, you signed a 360 deal,” rapped Rem on “ShETHER.”

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14 Responses to “Remy Ma Points Out Chart Success Of Her Nicki Minaj Diss Record “ShETHER””


    Now can we please get a Remy and Papoose album produced by D.I.T.C. and DJ Premier?

    lets bring that hardcore NYC street intellect rap back

  2. Q.

    Damn, Remy’s giving Nicki that extra kick to the head while she’s on the ground type azz-whupping…she Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey’d this bish. LMAO #90SRAPPERS #NOMÁS

  3. pauleyPee

    If Nicki knew what was good for her, she would lay in the cut for several months until she had a hot dis record… Just like Nas did before dropping “Ether”.

  4. Winner15

    Nicki’s biggest mistake was actually her defense on using Charts & Sales in the 1st place. Remy is a more focused rapper and never aimed for the ‘Pop Charts’ (Popular commercialized songs beside when she collaborated with Fat Joe)

    Nicki also didn’t factor in the amount of Payola used to get a song heard on radio regarding commercial songs. Nicki is not a thinker and doesn’t think before reacting which is unfortunate. Yes, Nicki has an incredible flow but lyrically she is not better then Remy ma by any means.

  5. ursocalledgod

    yeah she got at plastic Barbie whatever whatever but what im more concerned about are the songs that are in those spots. smh wow this is a straight up low point for rap music. thats just what it is too. I cant claim any of that BS as hip hop. Kodak Black…for real? FOH

  6. big brain

    Remy better try to get off parole and stop talking that street stuff is overrated. Got to make 30 chart songs to catch Nikki. Remy will fade away into the streets lol

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