Suge Knight Misses Court Date Due To Illness

(AllHipHop News)
Founder of Death Row Records, Suge Knight, missed a court hearing on Monday (March 27) due to an illness causing another delay in his pending murder trial.

Knight has been in jail for two years for the hit and run incident in which he allegedly stepped on the gas in his Ford F-150 Raptor truck, injuring Cle “Bone” Sloan and killing Terry Carter after a confrontation that happened earlier at the production office for the N.W.A biopic, “Straight Outta Compton.”

The former mogul was hospitalized for the blood clots on Friday (March 24).

Knight has plead not guilty and claims he was being ambushed where he felt in fear of his life, so he panicked and tried to get away as fast as he could, accidently killing Carter.

Carter’s daughter is frustrated because since Knight did not make this court date, she could not deliver the statement she was planning to read in open court.

She was going to address Judge Ronald Coen and demand that her family had a right to a speedy trial, after they have been waiting for two years.

Knight’s fiancé, Toi-Lin Kelly, claims that he has “life threatening blood clots” and the hospitals aren’t doing anything to help.

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9 Responses to “Suge Knight Misses Court Date Due To Illness”

  1. The Legendary Troll RIP Q

    This dude days are numbered. All these health issues combined with the stress this trial brings must be taking a toll on his body.

    • Jaymat_

      Or, this could be a ploy by the defense to get either a reduced sentence or a posh stint in a minimum security prison due to health concerns.

  2. Christopher Cole

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    NO SYMPATHY for this cold blooded killa! That’s the icy grip of the GRIM REAPER coming to COLLECT on Marion Knight’s evilness & tragedies he’s inflicted on many many people! He’s the GUILTY party that’s been stringing this out, at YOUR the taxpayers expense, to try to prolong the inevitable – THE END in a cell or on the street! Either way he’s DONE! #KnightKnightSugaBear!

  4. Sausage Don 1988

    2017: All charges dropped and Suge Knight is freed from jail.

    2018: Knight re-starts Death Row records and bails out Bobby Schmurda who goes 50× platinum propelling Death Row Records back to the top of the rap industry.

    2019: Suge Knight kills Puff Daddy in Las Vegas brawl. Schmurda shot dead two weeks later in what is believed to be retaliation. Knight sentenced to life without parole.

    2020: Donald Trump invades Iran.

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