Mysonne Further Discusses His Issues With Troy Ave’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ Interview (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Troy Ave has faced some criticism for his comments during a recent interview with The Breakfast Club.

Fellow New York rapper Mysonne is one of the people that took issue with Troy seemingly glorifying his legal problems and the violence he has encountered.

After addressing Troy in a video blog, Mysonne further explained his issues with the Brooklyn rapper during his own The Breakfast Club interview.

“My statements were that he was a bozo,” said Mysonne about Troy Ave. “I was so outraged just watching the interview because this man almost lost his life, this man is fighting for his life, this man is going to court facing real charges.”

He added about Troy’s gangsta tales, “It’s just not authentic. That’s not what I want you to tell my son. My son is watching. He might like some of your music. I like your music, so he might listen to your music and see you and be like, ‘That’s real.’ And if I don’t say it ain’t real, then I’m wrong. Because I know it’s not real.”

Mysonne also made it clear he does not have a personal problem with Troy Ave and is not looking to do him physical harm, but the Bronx native also does not want a friendship with the “Bang Bang” performer.

“I’ve been in a situation where I was around him when he said things that were totally dis-supporting to anything that I felt was real,” stated Mysonne. “So I said to myself, ‘This ain’t somebody I will call on. This is somebody I have to call out and say this ain’t real.'”

Troy was also blasted by Casanova when the “Don’t Run” rhymer uploaded a video making fun of the controversial The Breakfast Club interview.

Prior to the release of the Mysonne interview, Troy Ave posted a tweet directed at his critics.

“This is what all the fuss is about cause if I wasn’t successful they would have no interviews and no slander,” wrote Troy.

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