Troy Ave Strikes Back At Mysonne On Some Funny Ish!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The silly beefs in Hip-Hop these days. I’ll tell ya! Mysonne has been going at Troy Ave heavy over calling himself NuPac and some other stuff. I definitely understand where he is coming from, because Tupac was lightning in a bottle. Never be another. Troy Ave has gone back and pulled up Mysonne’s rap sheet from when he went to jail. Mysonne did real time in jail. Maybe not 25 years, but real time to me. Anyway, Troy Ave opted to go funny with it and promote his new album in the same post. Check it.

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6 Responses to “Troy Ave Strikes Back At Mysonne On Some Funny Ish!”

  1. BozoLife

    wait until you get out after 7 years for shooting reckless at Irving and dudes have to google you. Troy Ave – a wack rapper that wanted to be 50 cent so bad he jacked his whole style and started a beef with an internet troll so he could rap about getting shot and being a gangster. Went to jail for being stupid AF and got his mans killed over bs. Awarded the KKK lifetime achievement award for his musics role in promoting a lifestyle guaranteed to send hundreds of young black men to mass incarceration forever

    • Myleage

      i think Mysonne said in an interview he was actually innocent but didnt fight against it hard cuz of his ignorance of the system

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