Is This Why N.W.A Didn’t Record An Ice Cube Diss After “No Vaseline”?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Who doesn’t love a good N.W.A. story?

MC Ren recently sat down with Unique Access Ent. to discuss a number of things including Ice Cube and N.W.A. issues, on to him staying on Ruthless Records after Eazy-E died.

MC Ren explains what it was like to work together, diss each other, and come back to working together as friends.

“When we got back together it’s like really we didn’t even talk about it. It wasn’t like we was in a room like man you said this, and nah but you said that. It was like we just didn’t talk about it. Nobody talked about it. It was like yo let’s get back together and do this. And when we got back together it was like we just went in there and did it; nobody brought up the past. You know it’s like a family argument where everybody throwing stuff, fighting, and then the next day it’s like we all going out to kick it or something, nobody mention the day before,” said MC Ren.

MC Ren also expressed that Ice Cube’s diss, “No Vaseline” was really good. He laughed and joked that Cube got to do a whole record on them, when they only got to do a commercial or something.

“Cube’s was good, I ain’t gon’ lie. His was good. But we never got a chance to do a whole record. See he did a whole record.

We never was like we gonna do a record on him. We was doing ‘Niggaz4Life’ album, Dre came up with the idea to do a commercial, like a skit or whatever, and he did that skit or whatever and that was it,” said MC Ren

Ren explained that they never really planned to do a whole record on him, and that they proved that they could make it as a group without Cube. He did admit that he knew they couldn’t make it when Dr. Dre left though.

Do you think N.W.A should’ve responded with an entire diss track?

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