When G-Eazy Was Black-ish

(AllHipHop Rumors) G-Eazy is a pretty cool dude. He recently did a song with Raekwon that was DA BOMB (Kendrick Lamar-mom voice). All this time I just saw him as a cool white dude that crept up in the rap world without paying dudes. WRONG.

G-Eazy actually paid many dudes. Starting with a pic he shared on the GRAM a couple years ago. It was a a prom picture of him and his Black girlfriend and it has re-surfaced. No, the girlfriend has nothing to do with paying dues, but his hair does. G had cornrows about 10 years ago. Nothing can save him from this fashion faux pas. LOL. I delight in his sharing his past with us today.

Shout out to G!

Me and Kiki at prom in 06. Back home tonight to play the Oracle 10 years later. Bay to the universe.

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