Wack 100 Gets Taken To Full Task!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The internet is the bane of my existence at this point. Sometimes I wish it didn’t exist. There are too many opinions, junk and fools out there. This is not a shot at Wack 100. But everything around him is tiring. Finally, somebody has lashed out with a comprehensive takedown of Wack 100, who I thought was the new “Suge Knight” based on what I’ve see all the way across the country. But, it seems like other Bloods call him “WWE Piru.) Man. I don’t know. I think this is spiraling out of control, but Wack is a powerful dude and getting money. Check out what this guy says:

A few days back #InfoMinds shed some light on social media gangsta @Wack100 (go read my old post). I had OG's from @Wack100 OWN hood hit me up and tell me "thank you for exposing him". I have nothing against Wack100, i'm not important, i'm not a gangsta, but i find it distasteful that a 39 year old man would insult a dead legend #2pac on the anniversary of his mothers death. The OG's gave me Wacks life story and they want me to share it with yall. They don't like how #Wack100 disses everything and puts it "On Piru", he's disrespecting their turf. U see the PPB's are from the Valley, pushing the Be wasn't easy. These individuals have known Wack since he first started banging. They have known him before he put the red flag in his pocket. Wack is second generation #PPB, he ran with the #OBG's, but hear this, Wack doesn't run shit in his hood, he doesn't run the PPB gang, majority of the OG's from his hood don't even fuck with him. Wack wasn't even a shotcaller in his own click, he didn't run anything, but his mouth. He's got a couple of fades with the hommies in the hood that need to be HANDLED. U never see Real Homies with him in videos, unless he pays them to stand with him. What i'm told is he did his road dawg bad and has to answer for that. Wack has paper, so certain folks fuck with him & tolerate him, he's buying loyalty. The OG's told me to tell Wack that Pooh Ryda still wants to handle that, you owe Pooh that fade, you also did him wrong. You don't speak for PPB, or the Bloods on the West. The only dude u ever knocked out was Stitches, and u blindsided him. When u were in the pen u had 22 inch arms, but u wouldn't fight anyone…lol U have the nerve to say 2pac was this and 2pac was that, but 2pac wasnt scared to run that fade and when he said "On Piru" action followed, as you saw when he stomped out a real OBG Babylane. All Wack does is scream catchphrases like , "Lets Run This Fade", "When I See U I'mma Bleep U". Wack aka #WwePiru needs to go handle the fades in his own hood before adding more fades to his ever growing fade list. In the vid is @g.principle speaking on Pac, but peep what he saying & read between the lines. GP is PPB first gen #funkflex

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People keep on asking Info Minds "Tell Us More About Wack100", but the truth is i am honestly bored talking about this Bozo. I rather talk about real gangstas who put in work and laid down the murder game like Wayne Perry, or Brian Glaze Gibbs, or Pappy Mason etc…You see @Wack100 likes to embellish and boast about his alleged criminal history and how he beat this case and that case, but as LAPD Officer Greg Kading once pointed out "Cash Jones (Wack100) had a relatively slim rap sheet – a few juvenile offences". The reality is @Wack100 has spent most of his life driving trucks and transporting high end auto's, making a honest living, which should be applauded 👏 . Although one time a informant falsely told the cops that Suge Knight was running a multi-million $ dope ring. This informant also falsely implicated Wack100 as the courier (because Wack drove a Truck). Anyways, the cops put a GPS device on Wacks truck, to track where he was going at any given time. During a brake inspection at a highway rest stop, Wack discovered this black box and panicked. He thought it was a time bomb lol, and called the cops. They said he sounded very "distraught" and they had to calm him down and explain to him that it was just a GPS device. The cops soon realized the informant was bullshittin them and Wack was just a good ol truck driver, making a honest living. What i am getting at is Wack100 likes to tell us that #2pac wasn't a gangster, but the truth is neither is Wack. If we're being forreal forreal tho, 2pac popped two cops, beat up the Hugh's brother, sold drugs, ran with notorious gangsters from both coasts, cursed out the GD's, pulled a gun on King Tut, stomped out Orlando Anderson…so compared to Wack100, one could argue #2pac was more "gangsta". I'm just saying…😏 #wack100 #2pac #tupac #truckdriver #timebomb #40glocczoo #taxstone #pinocchionosepiru

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But can we get a new Game album though?

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