Did Papoose Just Sign To Rick Ross’s MMG?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Papoose has been around for a minute, but he is still one of the most respected NY cats out there. He’s a lyrical beast that has been known to rap with everybody from Kool G Rap to his wife Remy Ma. Well. It looks like Pap may have just hit the motherlode! According to sources, Pap has signed with MMG with Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill and all the guys! YAY! It has been on the wall for a minute if you look. Now, this is just a rumor, but it has been bolstered by a new song by Pap that features the Big Boss Ricky Ross.

Check it out:

So, is this rumor dope or dog food?

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69 Responses to “Did Papoose Just Sign To Rick Ross’s MMG?”


    WHY would anyone sign their LIFE away to THE BIGGEST FRAUD IN HISTORY to get PIMPED by a FAKE ‘Drug boss’ who’s sales, buzz & credibility are going DOWN DOWN DOWN….


        PAP already knows how to “make music”

        Ross got 9 albums & NONE of them are classics
        (but hey….it is, what it is.)

      • Da Kydd

        Rick Ross as at least one classic with Teflon Don and no bad albums in his catalog. All his albums at least go gold. At this point hating on him for doing what 90% of rap does is silly to me.


        Teflon Don…Is NOT a classic ALBUM (sorry bro) LOL

      • Da Kydd

        It was literally talked about on Everyday Struggle earlier this week. Look it up.

      • Knickfan4life

        You really think rick ross albums will be played 30 , 40 years down the line ?

      • Joe

        At this rate not even Reasonable Doubt or Illmatic be played either the new generation of rap is telling the new generation of buyers to not even listen to old hip hop its messaged in some of they’re music.

      • Knickfan4life

        Illmatic is approaching 30 years of being played and so is reasonable doubt as well as rappers delight approaching 40 years.


        listen to it from beginning to end if you haven’t in awhile. you might be surprised. Ross is not just some southern rapper.

      • Po Weather

        Huh……teflon don has no real skip pass songs you smoking rocks to think he aint got no clsssic albums.
        And hes last album is fire ross may not sale alot who is tho thats just a hip hop artist ross is one thing ….very consistent


        BRO….Out of 9 albums
        Ross don’t have a CLASSIC ALBUM (That’s old news)

      • Knickfan4life

        Thr man has never sold a million copies ever no one wants to hear the same fake tales over and over.mmg sells no records . didn’t that puerto rican dude sell like 900 copies 😂😂😂😂😂.

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        I will not speak a lie. Rick Ross picks the dopest beats. They are never garbage. He can rap also and flow on beat. I don’t care about the fraud sh*t at this point. I mean Ross is a fraud but at this point it has been so long. So classic is an opinion but the people seem to think they are. He made an average not bad rapper Wale sell millions. This is a good move for Pap in that sense. It will give mm some NYC street clout.


        His mixtapes are BETTER…Than his albums

        (just like Gucci Mane) Old news

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        His mixtapes are fire you are not lying about that.

      • Madamsjr01

        Trap house is a classic, but I’m sure you never heard of it..Lol

      • atle fjeldstad

        I don`t agree.
        I think he`s an above average rapper, but he sounds the same on every track, cadence wize and flow wize.
        If i wanna listen to someone with his kinda voice i`d rather listen to big l


        I rather listen to Big L too LOL


        Two totally different emcees. Youre a cornball

      • atle fjeldstad

        Yeah, Big L sounded dope, and Papoose is only a lyrical miracle mc.. Cornball? Haha, whatever man. Go try to insult someone who cares about what you say..


        Just by looking at your pic I can tell you dont even know whats really up. If you really understand Big L, then you would really underatand Pap. If Big L was alive now he would say Pap is one of the dopest in the game. Like many hiphop fans youre just an outsider fake cornball and I dont even know why you like or are into this music.

        And you cared enough about what i said to write back you cornball

      • atle fjeldstad

        Ok, ok. This is too entertaining!
        Just by looking at my picture you think you can have an opinion on what i know?
        That sounds really smart…


        yes and u know it everytime u look in the mirror mr.”i dont care what u say”.

        the fact that u even called it ” too entertaining” further solidifies your status as a cornball. Nevermind the fact that any self respecting grown man(that isnt a public figure) wouldnt put their actual pic as an avatar on disqus.

        Just know that everytime you listen to Big L and he’s talking about robbing or beating up some f@#g he’s talking about someone like you. Cornball.

      • Black Umbrella

        Lie detector determined that was a lie


        Teflon Don and Deeper Than Rap are pretty close…..

        And in this day and age of mp3s and streaming services no one unfortunately cares about albums. Ross has classic songs for sure.

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        Dumb comment. Ra the rugged man raps, Jedi Mind Tricks raps etc. He may not make the kind of music you like but he can make music for the clubs which you don’t know he has already done. He can rap better than Drake, Meek or most out now so that is bs what you said. He has been on major hit songs also touch it remix with busta which was a club song and has his own club songs such as buttnaked.


      You don’t know anything about the man’s life about where he grew up, who he was around, and what he did before he became famous.

      And if you actually listen to his music and stop being puss azzz hater you would see that Rawse is a true lyricist. He references hiphop history and drops jewels.

      If you’re going to go ham on fake drug boss rappers go ham on Nas, Raekwon, Jay Z, etc etc.

      • The City

        Just because you might of hung around some dudes…that doesn’t make you a Kingpin.


        its just blatant hate. like how bullies at school hate a kid just because.

        you got a Nas pic as your avatar and Nas has rhymes where he claims to be or talks from the perspective of a Kingpin. Nas Escobar, The Firm. So why hate on Ross for that and not Nas?

        Nas himself works a lot with Ross.

      • The City

        The Port of Miami album William said he was a major figure in the drug game…that’s the resume he put out.


        Dont ignore the point I made. Nas Escobar and The Firm Nas plays the Don Drug Kingpin role too in his rhymes. And he’s a frequent collaborator with Rick Ross. If Nas can understand that part of the game, why can’t you?

        Hey! Nas said he was a gun! what a liar.

  2. megan.folse

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  3. Q.

    Wale had a few singles, but signing to MMG basically limited him to being a ballad rapper. I’d hate to see Pap take the same route–he has much more to offer listeners than “shawty did this, shawty did that” records.

    • STFUUIgnants

      lol, exactly you get to have about 3 topics at most with this type of rap.
      How I sold drugs
      How many bishes I banged
      How many haterz I got


    Ross and MMG are the hardcore real writers in a sea of weak collectives. This is a good look for Pap if true.

  5. STFUUIgnants

    I see him functioning more as a ghostwriter than anything else. Wale had to water himself down to fit in, so I can imagine Pap would have to do the same.

  6. baller187

    paposse is the guy that was always supposed to be big and has talen but its just not gonna happen, it the way it is window closed from back then when they tried to pump you up and nothin happened

  7. JerZeBoy

    Pap deserves it. he has been grinding for awhile and spits fire. The producers they use most of the time should work well with Paps flow too (even though he changes it alot lately) and it works for Meek’s fast paced flow

  8. Breeze

    This is actually a redo. The original version has far joe on it I believe. Its on a mixtape I have from a few months ago

  9. George Missick

    If the hype is true then congrats to ross cause pap a beast a giant and the best at what he do
    he is Rap/HipHop.

  10. Shane Pierce

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