The Game: LeBron James Finals Loss Tarnishes His Legacy, Jordan & Kobe Are Better (POLL)

(AllHipHop News) The argument for LeBron James overtaking Michael Jordan as the “greatest of all time” in basketball history took a hit last night.

After the Golden State Warriors won the NBA title in five games, a LeBron-led team has now lost for the fifth time in the Finals.

TMZ asked The Game about LBJ, and the Los Angeles resident said the Cleveland Cavalier All-Star tarnished his legacy with the loss.

Game even stated LeBron falls behind MJ and The Black Mamba on the G.O.A.T. list.

“The best player in the world is Michael Jordan. After that, it’s Kobe [Bryant],” declared the “Hate It or Love It” rapper.

MJ went 6-0 in the Finals, and Kobe’s record in the championship round is 5-2.

In addition, LeBron became the first league MVP to lose five Final series (3-5) in his career.

While the “King” was not able to collect his fourth title, LeBron James did become the first person to average a triple-double (33.6 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists) on the NBA’s biggest stage.

Where do you put LeBron James on your NBA G.O.A.T. List? Take our poll below.

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36 Responses to “The Game: LeBron James Finals Loss Tarnishes His Legacy, Jordan & Kobe Are Better (POLL)”

  1. Black Jay Supreme

    I’m not even a Golden State or Cleveland fan but to say this tarnishes Lebron’s legacy is crazy stupid. Jordan and Kobe had teams built around them. When those two were being leaned on by team management without talent surrounding them the results were exactly the same as Lebron. Anybody that says different is an Alzheimer’s n*gga. You can’t win sh*t without a strong bench. Cleveland doesn’t have one. But there was a time when the Bulls and the Lakers didn’t have one either. And the result was the same.

    • MR_BRACKiN619

      LeBron has a good team around him, and he’s had that ever since he went to the finals before leaving Cleveland. He went to Miami and back to Cleveland a dominating team. Now Durant went ring hunting and the NBA is no longer competitive. 5 Ls in the finals, we’ve seen greater than that period

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Lebron has a good teammate. A good team? Nah. I don’t think so. I don’t even think Golden State has a good team. They have a good corporate team. But everybody knows the best “team” in the NBA for the last 10 years has been the San Antonio Spurs.

      • Tvega3000

        No they were never given that kind of power. Their GM’s and owners put those teams together. LeBron had a concert to proclaim he would win more than 7 by putting together a super team and now he claims he never played for a super team.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        Jordan cried to get Rodman and Toni Kukoc and Kobe cried to get help too..The only difference is they did it professional behind closed doors…

      • Tvega3000

        I don’t know what happened behind closed doors because the doors were closed and I wasn’t behind them. So speculate all you want. I do know however LeBron had a concert proclaiming to win more than 7 titles and been crying about needing more help ever since.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        You don’t remember Kobe asking the lakers to trade him?Heres half of the article

        The story lines that have engulfed the Los Angeles Lakers in the last week hit a crescendo Wednesday when Kobe Bryant said he would welcome a trade.

        And later, in another radio interview, he seemed to back away from the demand.

        First, Bryant said on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York: “I would like to be traded, yeah. Tough as it is to come to that conclusion there’s no other alternative, you know?”

        Bryant, interviewed by Stephen A. Smith, was asked if there was anything the Lakers could do to change his mind.

        “No,” Bryant said. “I just want them to do the right thing.”

        “[The Lakers] obviously want to move in a different direction in terms of rebuilding,” Bryant said, adding he could have opted to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers or Chicago Bulls instead. “Three years ago when I was re-signing they should have told me they wanted to rebuild.”

        Asked if he had any preference for a trade destination, he said “At this point I’ll go play on Pluto.”

        Bryant talked to Dan Patrick on ESPN Radio and seemed to reconsider slightly.

        “I’m so tired of talking,” Bryant said. “It’s tough. I always dreamed about retiring as a Laker. I just hope and hope that something can be resolved. Something can be figured out. Just something so I can stay here and be in this city and be with the team I love.”

        Bryant told Patrick he talked to Jackson after talking to Smith and felt resassured.

      • Tvega3000

        Kobe wanting a trade because he was promised one thing and got another has to do with anything because…..???

        this is called a false equivalent

      • Two_guns_Billy

        He wanted better teammates but the team wanted to rebuild…lol funny how you change things when it’s a player you like…

      • Tvega3000

        What did I change? He was promised better teammates, Lakers tried to play the rebuild card on him, so he wanted a trade, then the Lakers got him better players. He was the leader of a team that 3-peat so even though I didn’t like him wanting a trade, he had every right to because they wouldn’t ALLOW Kobe to be a GM the way LeBron is.
        Now how does this compare to LeBron putting together superteams himself, and then crying about needing more help?

      • Gap Tooth Bruce

        How did he hand pick the Heat team again?🤔🤔🤔

      • Tvega3000

        He got together with Bosh and Wade and had a concert about it. Then he cried about needing help and they got Ray Allen from Boston. Any other questions?

      • Two_guns_Billy

        Yeah and he made a mistake trading Wiggins for Love..

  2. Gap Tooth Bruce

    I don’t think it’s tarnished at all he is still 1 of the greatest to play in the NBA. IF I had to create a starting 5 team of legends he would be my SF along with MJ , Kobe, Kareem and Magic!


    Lebron is an All time GREAT player but his fans(stans) always have an excuse ready whenever he fails!!! What annoys me is that because the NBA & the TV networks who cover the games needed for fans to get over Michael Jordan they’ve spent Lebron’s whole career hyping up everything he’s done, so when he’s dominating they make it seem like he’s doing something no one else can do & when he fail’s many of them are quick to blame someone else! A lot of people picked Cleveland(Stupidly) to win this series & then now that reality has set in, now all of his stans are trying to come up with ways for the Cavs to get better so they have a chance next year against the Warriors!

    • Jeffery Thomas

      So when you say they make it seem like hes doing something no one else can do? or they making it seem that way or is it actually true, because no one besides him has ever averaged a triple double in finals or lead finals in pts, reb, asst, blocks and steals.


        You do realize that even though there’s a saying “You can’t fight figures”, Figures can be skewed!!! For example look at Steph Curry’s averages in the final’s 26.8ppg, 8.0 rpg, 9.4apg & 2.2steals per game. He almost averaged a Triple Double & look at his size compared to Lebron’s. He was actually 3rd on his team in Rebounding in the final’s. There’s NOTHING wrong about you bigging up Lebron but keep this in mind while people love to say “We’ve never seen anyone with his size, power & agility before”, there’s ton’s of video evidence of him flopping while being barely touched or not at all. Michael Jordan & people in his era were getting clothes lined & hit hard going to the basket. Lebron whines if he gets tapped & misses a shot!

      • Jeffery Thomas

        Yea but Lebron doesn’t get phantom foul calls like MJ either he gets hit alot and they don’t call it he got hit in the face last nite when he dunked on Durant no call he had a right to complain. Jordan free throw attempt went up every year despite the fact the older he got the less he attack the basket. I never understand when people say the game was more physical back then like that when be advantage Lebron he is the most durable Superstar in NBA history. Curry almost average a triple double keyword ALMOST. And yea I give you credit for bringing up the obvious yea he does flop every now and then who doesn’t it’s part of the game now that, but let’s be realistic does flopping every now and then take away from what he does, had done??? I don’t like MJ but he is easily one of the greatest, Same with lebron no matter how people feel about him personally if you understand the game of basketball you know he is easily one of the greatest also

    • BlackSheep‼️💯

      I’m with you. Lebron has been propped as the next best thing to take over MJs spot but hes not there and its hard for his fans to accept it. His rings have question marks other than his first so the fact hes even in the conversation shows you how hes been promoted by the league. It hurt Adam Silvers soul not to be handing the trophy to Lebron

    • Marcuz

      At the time the Warriors weren’t the threat it was the spurs, the Warriors came out of nowhere kinda they were like 2 or 3 years ahead of schedule

  4. I'm the top, Vlad's the bottom

    durant got his ring, now go back to OKC and get you one there like bron did when he came back to cleveland

  5. Big O

    His legacy is not tarnish in anyway, he lost to a all time great team but he also averaged a triple double in his 14th year, no one has ever averaged triple double in finals. I’m shocked people keep even bringing up Kobe not surprising it’s usually someone from Cali, Kobe is not on Lebron level, Lebron does it all, Kobe was more of a lethal scorer, Kobe was 5-2 in finals but on 3 of his 5 chips he wasn’t the second best player on his team I guess people forget that in his first 3 chips he has no finals Mvp shaq won all 3.

  6. D.Rock

    I find it funny for years if your old enough to remember, players use to get crushed/criticize for shooting to much being, not having fundamentals not working hard not caring enough the media killed guys like Allen Iverson. Then here comes Lebron James more of a team driven type of player pass first make the right play player no off the court issues, what does the media and people say, he passes to much, he should have forced the shot instead of hitting the open guy even if it’s one of the greatest 3pt shooters ever krover, Ray Allen. When he says we need to add playmakers because he wants to win he is considered winey instead of someone that cares and wants to win. Lebron and Tom Brady could come out and say the same things and they would say man Brady is a general he wants to win, Lebron he complains to much always wants it his way

  7. Deshawn

    MJ is the most influential player prob most loved
    Bill Russel the greatest winner
    Lebron the most hated, but the most talented and he surpassed the hype

  8. Yea Yea 100

    Nobody cares what the game thinks he says and does things for attention. The Game tarnish his legacy when he decided to color his
    hair blonde

  9. Fred war

    I swear Lebron and KD smashed yall moms or gf the way yall be hating on these dudes. Lebron got 3 rings, 4 reg season mvp, 3 finals mvp, all time playoff leading scorer he could retire today and would still be one of the greatest to ever play he has nothing else to prove. People with real bball knowledge know that Kobe was unreal but Lebron is a different beast, the black mamba can only change game by scoring, Bron can do it by scoring, passing, rebounding, blocking shots.

  10. BishopCrooks

    Bruh, they had to get Durant to be Lebron…. that’s it….. if I’m Lebron, I can live with that….
    Don’t understand any hate though on these dudes, if you love the game how can you hate an NBA player

  11. Right99

    Articles like this are ridiculous. This loss tarnished nothing. He will still go down in history as one of the best. People love to try and find negatives, instead of giving credit for the positives.

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