Jaden Smith Gets Accused Of Stealing!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Jaden Smith has been one to remain on the cutting edge of music. I mean, his dad is Will and his mom is Jada. He gets millions and millions of views on YouTube. He doesn’t even mess with Spotify. And yet for many years, he’s hit fans with a variety of styles and flows and fashion statements.

Now, there seems to be a rapper that doesn’t agree with the latest move by Jaden. Batman. In 5 days Jaden has amassed about 5 million views on YouTube. WOW. And that has come to the attention of the friends of a rapper named King Hollywood Kelz that Jaden also has a song called “Batman.” And It seems like there is an issue of “Big Bank Take Little Bank.” Now the thing is…Jaden has been doing this Batman thing for quite some time. I am not even sure this video wasn’t taped a long time ago. Jaden still has dreds. He cut them off weeks ago. What say you?

Here is “Batman” by Jaden Smith

Here is “BATMAN” by  King Hollywood Kelz

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