Did Conor McGregor Get Knocked Out In Sparring?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are in a huge war of words. But if the rumors are true in any way, FM may have a mental advantage over CM. Around the 2:10 mark, they say Brandon Rios knocked out Colon McGregor in sparring. This likely means that Floyd will demolish him like experts suggest. There is that ”puncher’s shot” but I don’t even think that’s a realistic option.

This is not a good side for the alleged racist MMA fighter. I know Floyd Mayweather has no politics and even met with Trump…but…he’s always been cool with AllHipHop.


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17 Responses to “Did Conor McGregor Get Knocked Out In Sparring?”

    • water_ur_seeds

      LOL exactly and as far as I can see/hear an Brandon was in the video and said it wasnt him… This is rubbish and just Vargas talking schitt, I agree 99% ends this farce early… BRING ON GGG V CANELO!!!

      • BishopCrooks

        Oscar was sayin how he has never seen Canelo in this good of shape, or as strong, then he couldn’t even KO Chavez….lol

      • water_ur_seeds

        If GGG goes back to his boxing he is imo a FAR superior boxer than Canelo, the problem I been saying for years is GGG not being able to get enough ELITE level fights/fighters he has been able to just neglect his boxing and just walk through punches and knock fighters out, hopefully after the Jacobs ‘scare’ he will go back to using his incredible footwork and angels that he used early in his career and amateur days and box circles around Canelo and KO him out late… Look on youtube at his early fights his footwork is Loma like…

  1. ursocalledgod

    this whole thing is a straight up money grab for both of these clowns. this whole bs promotion tour is on some wwe type ish. neither one has anything to lose except a small, tiny chance that mayweather loses and has his spotless record tainted by this nonsense. that other idiot has a win win all around. most money he will ever make, hes not gonna get hurt, and even if he loses oh well that’s what the majority expects anyway. there is no title to be lost or gained so I will catch the highlights the next day.

  2. Roger G

    Connor is Connor a good MMA fighter and a former amateur junior boxing champion. Connor will fight his heart out but outside of a punchers chance he will get picked a part by Floyd or any other top 20 professional welterweight or junior middle weight boxers.

  3. Brandon

    Well, good thing it’s not Colon McGregor who’s fighting Floyd then…. One thing is for sure, if Connor lands, Floyd’s going night-night.

  4. BishopCrooks

    Charlo brothers are where its at – shame McGregor getting all this boxing press while REAL boxers are sitting in the shadows…. smh….

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