Producer Southside Blasts Interscope Record Label And Its EVP Joie Manda (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) For decades, artists and music labels have been caught in conflicts over deals, release dates, finances, creative freedom, and more.

The latest entertainer to take issue with a record company is producer Southside, aka Sizzle.

In particular, the “I Got The Keys” beat maker took aim at Interscope Geffen A&M Records and its Executive Vice-President Joie Manda.

“These motherf-ckers want to see you fail,” stated Southside in a live social media broadcast. “This bald head ass n-gga Joie flew me to New York to tell me, ‘Yo, we’re gonna back out because we don’t want anyone to sue you for what happened with your deal.'”

He continued, “N-ggas came to rob me. Y’all mad I upped pistols on n-ggas cause they came to rob me? Come on, bro. That’s crazy.”

According to Southside, Interscope executives requested he not talk about their meeting in public.

“F-ck y’all! I don’t need y’all money,” declared the 808 Mafia member.

Sizzle then warned aspiring artists about signing with Interscope.

He also suggested the company’s successful acts like Kendrick Lamar and Mike Will Made-It’s EarDrummers crew were anomalies.

“Let me get my money, n-gga, for all them wack ass f-cking projects y’all had me doing with them wack ass artists y’all got. F-ck outta here,” said Southside. “Kendrick’s the only thing over there that’s fire. And Mike Will do his part for his side. Y’all don’t do sh-t for Mike.”

The Atlanta native added, “Everybody else over there – f-ck ya! I don’t give a f-ck. Who gonna say what? Nobody gonna say nothing, n-gga.”

Sizzle later mentioned Playboi Carti as the only other artist on Interscope that he respects.

In addition, Southside announced he’s teaming with TM88 for an upcoming 808 Mafia album titled F-ck The Label Vol 1.

“Y’all n-ggas ain’t gonna enslave me. I’m not going for that sh-t,” asserted the Trap Ye mixtape creator. “Y’all n-ggas mad ’cause I’m smart and I’m black. That’s what it is.. Y’all been trying to make me sign [a deal]. I’m not a f-cking idiot. Y’all done lost y’all f-cking mind. I’m a black CEO for a reason. I took nothing and made that sh-t into millions.”

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5 Responses to “Producer Southside Blasts Interscope Record Label And Its EVP Joie Manda (VIDEO)”

  1. Mr. 2-16

    Tired of interscope acting like their artists are the only ones. They run xxl mag and make it seem like their new artists are the freshman class. They are owned by viacom which runs mtv and other media outlets so they only play their artists. 360 slave deals. More independent labels in 2017, less of this crap.

  2. Q.

    Artists still effing with these labels expecting not to get rap3d… just own your masters and go indie. They use these young beatmakers like factory workers–that’s why all this sh!tty music sounds the same.

  3. 9th and Music

    read ya paperwork! these companies wanna get a kings portion of ya bread so you cant blame them but if ya paperwork game straight you always come out the winner

  4. Now and The Foward

    Man he seems extra pissed!! But this is deeper than music. Like southside said it’s about ownership, and it’s about making correct business moves. Now, I gotta say these industry people continue to pick the same type of people to do business with like Southside because they believe guys like this with the tats on his face, the gang affiliation, and extra crazy work ethic these guys have don’t really know really know their worth, and truly doesn’t understand the real working of a major label and it’s traditional business nature when dealing with black musicians. Stay focused Southside, you look like you have a great career in the industry. But remember…THEY would rather see you making license plates for $0.30 a hour in a correctional facility versus making music productions that generate millions for you and your family.

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