Did DJ Khaled Break A Horse’s Back?

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don’t know about you but I am against riding horses! They were not meant to be ridden! They were wild and free and then MEN came and broke them. Sound familiar!?! ANYWAY – DJ Khaled is one of the biggest dudes in the game and it may have caused an issue with a horse in THIS VIDEO!

Recent reports have stated that Khaled essentially broke the horses back after getting on and off and on and off the damn horse! If horses were meant to be rode on….why are they dying after being ridden by Khaled? Here is what a recent report stated, “DJ Khaled is paying for the funeral of a Bahamian resort’s horse that he rented for a video shoot after its back was broken during an intense scene of dj Khaled getting on, and off the horse.”


Here are some horses that are stronger than that poor horsey (and some that Khaled would flatten).

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