Tiny’s Relative Weighs In On Bernice Burgos’ Breakfast Club Interview

(AllHipHop Rumors) Tiny’s niece is all of us!

Many people are still wondering how Bernice Burgos ended up being a guest on The Breakfast Club.

Like she had to have been a filler guest because no one else can make sense of her booking other than the men in Hip Hop she’s allegedly been linked to. But hey, folks do want to know about that.

Bernice denied the rumors about her involvement with T.I. and Drake, and not only were people not buying what she was selling, folks also felt that she revealed that she’s a bit “slow” and ignorant.

It would’ve been great if she was beauty and brains!

According to Bernice, she was never messing with Tip, and she was just around him because she was introduced to him on business with the potential of her being cast for some movie.

Bernice also said that the reason she went at Tiny is because she let social media accusations feed her mind with craziness and insults leading to her acting out.

The girl is in her mid 30’s, so many felt that she is too old to be this inarticulate.

Tiny and her family have made it very clear that they are not fans of the alleged home wrecker!

While Tiny hasn’t really responded to Bernice’s Breakfast Club interview, her niece @_beatifulrose basically said what many were thinking,

“She sounded ignorant.”

According to social media, baby girl has to stop buying cars and surgeries and focus on getting her education. 99.9% of the people who have viewed the interview agree with Tiny’s cousin! If you haven’t checked out the interview yet, do so and let us know your thoughts!

#Tiny's niece weighs in.

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9 Responses to “Tiny’s Relative Weighs In On Bernice Burgos’ Breakfast Club Interview”

  1. 9th and Music

    listening to the full 3:15 seconds that i did…i actually respect her even more. For one being a parent is rough let alone a teen parent at 15/16. i mean your brain isnt fully developed to make effective decisions. i was a father at 16 and before i could say anything else i wanted to be…i HAD to be a father. you really dont get to choose ya life anymore. and if she say she was just working in the mall then bartending…she really just the average chick she look good, might not have the most education trying her best with whatever game she has until somebody came along and changed her life.

    • Guest

      I had my son at 16… I went to school, managed to keep some great jobs, built my resume up, and now I work for the biggest hospital in my state. I’ve been married and divorced, but NEVER did I turn to thotting as a means to support my children. I have 2 children now and I purchased my first home 3 years ago. You can make mistakes and still manage to live a respectful life. I will NOT excuse her behavior and blame it on her having to raise a child at a young age. She was going to be the same h o e, baby or not. I’m a beautiful woman and I’ve had plenty of offers to be a less than thot, but I didn’t take the bait. Being a video vixen is a choice and she chose to be that. I’m just gonna call this spade a spade and leave it at that. I have no respect for a woman that sleeps with someone else’s husband and then taunts the wife about their infidelities.

      • 9th and Music

        respect and salute sis! but i think the key is she used the game that she had. Whereas in your case you used the game you had…someone had to instill in you to work hard, dont lower yourself, its not the end, its only obstacles, keep pushing etc. i dont wanna make excuses for her but sometimes people just dont know any better. yeah it was a choice to be a video vixen, but it was a choice solely based on how her brain processes things and her “game”. so if you see she “lost”…the silver lining is that somebody came along and helped her. yeah in some cases its a different perspective or some insight and in some cases its a financial life jacket. i agree with you i dont condone a lot of her behavior (trolling tiny etc)

      • Guest

        Great convo… It’s nice to be able to give your opinion without having to get into a swearing match.

        Have a great day dear!

  2. Let it leak

    I was a young mom and it was not easy. I don’t agree with sluting around but hay I never walked in her shoes. God bless her I hope she understands what is inside is more important then what’s on the outside. It is okay to have a natural body why do we all have to look the same.

  3. Kristen Vasquez

    I’m happy that the Harris family can come to gether for family trips and birthdays. When this had all came out about this women coming between them and she was textin Tiny and they was going back an forth. T.i. Was spending $$ on her and stuff. I found it to be a bit funny that the the paparazzi can find the right photo but NEVER have we seen then out together. I’m sure her has slept with her.
    BBBBUUUTTT now the get the girl back in the corner on “The Breafrest Club” and she is back pedaling everything she had said before.
    Honestly I just can’t look at her face because I just don’t like a woman who can knowingly Lie down with someone who is still married (seperaded or not). STILL MARRIED!!!! He was never hers.


    She didnt sound ignorant at all! She was very clear and well spoken! Tiny’s peeps r jus jealous😂😂😂😂

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