Lil Boosie Jacked For Over $300,000 – By His Own Brother

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lil Boosie is dealing with a family crisis, after his own brother was arrested for stealing from him.

Earlier this month, Boosie had reported to police that someone had hacked into his Capital One bank account and drained it.

According to a shocking police report obtained by, it was Boosie’s brother Taquari who stole the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Taquari Hatch is accused of draining Boosie’s bank account of over $361,000.

In some instances, Taquari would pose as Lil Boosie.

In others, he would wire money to associates, who would then form over the cash.

An investigation was triggered, after Boosie’s brother Taquari falsely stated that he had a wife.

According to, this triggered a fraud investigation, because Lil Boosie is a single man.

Taquari has been charged with identity theft and fraud charges.

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