‘The Breakfast Club’ Faces Backlash For Lil Duval’s Comments About Transgender Women

(AllHipHop News) Over the last few days, #BoycottTheBreakfastClub has become a protest trend on Twitter.

The social media backlash was the result of the radio show’s recent interview with Lil Duval.

“Shout out to all the trannys out there,” said Duval on the program.

Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee could be seen laughing before telling the comedian he should not use that term to describe transgender people.

When DJ Envy asked what he would do if he later found out a woman he slept with was actually transgender, Duval responded, “This might sound messed up – and I don’t care – she dying.

Charlamagne then warned the Grow House star that what he was suggesting could be considered a hate crime.

However, that did not stop the Power 105.1 morning crew from catching some heat themselves.

CTG even faced a small protest during his appearance at the Politicon event in California.

“Trans people are not a joke,” yelled one protester.

Both Lil Duval and Charlagmagne Tha God responded to the criticism on their respective social media accounts.

“I’m not apologizing for nothing. Y’all passing around a 34 second clip and purposely cut out when we told him he was wrong,” posted Charlagmagne on Twitter.

Duval wrote on Instagram:

So let me ask u slow ass transgender n-ggaz something. Y’all really think if u don’t tell a Man U use to be a man it’s gon be no repercussion to it? Yea ok 😒 if u can see why somebody would kill someone that rape them u should understand how a straight man feels. Matter fact I ain’t going back and forth with u confused n-gga b-tches


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5 Responses to “‘The Breakfast Club’ Faces Backlash For Lil Duval’s Comments About Transgender Women”

  1. ApricotNapalm

    Hahaha, Duval is under 5’7 be careful, they might send a trojan horse. Trans not addressing the trick box in none of these rebuttals tho. If you get killed quick enough upon a guy finding out or his actions after finding out can be witnessed and perceived crazy or out of ordinary- Temporary Insanity is a valid defense. Question is, did bobby v know?

  2. Q.

    If all the ladyboys in America boycott The Breakfast Club, they’ll still have a million fans. Save that energy for Drumpf.

  3. ursocalledgod

    LMAO respect to duvall and CTG for not backing down from these confused MFs. if yall want to be treated normal then you have to take the good with the bad. everyone gets joked on. get your jockstraps out of your purses and boss up!!

  4. Black Jay Supreme

    I hate to say this but the boycott thing is probably going to have the opposite effect on that show. More people will watch. And the reason is they didn’t really do much to offend. It was the artist. Furthermore, let’s keep it 💯. About his written words, He didn’t really say anything that a billion cats disagreed with. I feel like if you used to be a dude, you have to disclose that. Biblical definition of men is different than medical definition. And you just can’t roll up on dudes as Chrissy when you know good and damn well you used to be Christopher. That will absolutely inspire physical drama.

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