Irv Gotti Claims Tommy Mottola Promoted Jennifer Lopez To Spite Mariah Carey (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) One of Mariah Carey’s most famous quotes was her saying “I don’t know her” when the music megastar was asked about Jennifer Lopez.

Murder Inc Records co-founder Irv Gotti may have provided more context to the long-standing feud between the two Pop singers.

While on Desus & Mero, Gotti told a story of how Jennifer Lopez’s hit single “I’m Real (Remix)” featuring Ja Rule came together.

According to Irv, influential industry insider Tommy Mottola was out to hurt his ex-wife Mariah.

“[Mottola] calls me because he found out me and Rule made a record with Mariah Carey. At the time, he hated Mariah Carey, so he was pumping Jennifer Lopez to compete,” revealed Gotti.

The Sony Music Entertainment executive supposedly suggested the Jennifer-Ja duet during that phone conversation.

“Immediately when he said that, I was like, ‘This [expletive]. He knows we just did this sh-t with Mariah and he’s trying to f-ck Mariah,'” said Gotti.

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