Rea Melissa Davis

Havok Jones To Release Female ‘90s Groups Homage EP & Debuts Xscape’s “Who Can I Run To”

The quadruple force that is Havok Jones, uniquely comprised of Kea Aleis, MaiDai, Aire B. and Neiko, have just released their first single “Who Can I Run To,” a remake of the ‘90s super group Xscape’s chart-topping single, off their homage-based EP. Executive produced by super producer Miyk Snoddy, who has created for the likes […]

Uncle Reece Chooses to Be BOLD

Lyricist Uncle Reece chooses to stand out with his debut album entitled BOLD. The inspirational lyricist is putting the universal language of music to the test! Uncle Reece has been referred to as the next big thing in inspirational music by his musical peers and music executives. He doesn’t just fit into one music genre, […]

Funk Fest 2014 Hits Atlanta

Funk Fest 2014 hit Atlanta this past weekend in celebration of its 20th anniversary. The concert series made its second stop in Atlanta to celebrate with a two-day concert at Wolf Creek Amphitheater. The festival attracts music enthusiasts from across the U.S. You never know who will be backstage either! The Atlanta Funk Fest showcased […]