Breeding Ground Showcase

Breeding Ground Spotlight: Atlanta’s Own DAEtrius Brings P.E.R.C.Y. Park to A3C

After performing on an A3C showcase, most artists network and “politick” by handing out CD’s, exchanging social media handles or handing out merch.  Meet the artist who took to the streets of Edgewood Avenue during Atlanta’s A3C to give everyone a show after he stepped off stage (two showcases to be exact).  His hustle and… Read more »


Breeding Ground Spotlight: I.B. Classic Breathes Life Into “When All Else Fails”

When he’s not pulling 10-hour shifts there’s only one other place that I.B. Classic gravitates towards, the studio. After spending the last year teaming up with some of the best in Chicago’s bubbling talent pool, the producer has finally come together to deliver his own full length debut titled When All Else Fails. Fusing old school vibes with… Read more »