Foxy Breaks Her Silence

Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown has replied to recent comments made by her former manager Chaz “Slim” Williams, CEO of Black Hand Entertainment.   Williams, whose infamous criminal career and subsequent rise in the music industry was chronicled on a recent episode of American Gangster, has had a strained relationship with Foxy Brown since she was… Read more »


Mayor Of Newark NJ Welcomes Hip-Hop Business Summit

The Mayor of Newark, New Jersey will welcome a number of celebrities and Hip-Hop artists during the First Annual Newark Celebrity Golf Classic and Hip-Hop Business Summit, taking place this August.   The weekend kicks off with a “Welcome to Newark” dinner at the Weequahic Parks Golf Club, with remarks by Mayor Booker, followed by… Read more »


La Chat Back With Fifth Album

Memphis Tennessee rapper and former Hypnotized Minds camp rapper La Chat has announced the release of her fifth solo album titled Da Hood Home Girl.   The album will be released independently on her own recently launched record label, Dime A Dozen Entertainment.   Da Hood Home Girl will feature appearances with former estranged group… Read more »